Top 5 Questions To Ask Piano Dealers

Every day, customers approach me with numerous questions related to new and used pianos,Piano Dealers as I am sure the same happens with other piano dealers. Here are five frequently asked questions in relation to pianos.

How old is the piano?

A highly experienced piano dealer will inspect your piano by looking at the brand name and serial number. If you own an antique piano, it might take some time for piano dealers to get back to you. You can check with historical publications that are typically used in the piano industry to cross-reference serial numbers and brand names to establish the manufacturing dates.

You can obtain the serial number on the inside of the piano, which is typically situated around the strings or the soundboard area. Grand pianos have the serial number stated on the plate, soundboard or stamped on top of each pedal lyre or leg, while the upright pianos display this information on the inside lid of the piano. As soon as you establish the serial number and the brand of your piano, I will be glad to inspect it to determine its age. However, if you find it difficult to obtain its serial number, you should consider calling one of the piano dealers in your area to have a look to see if they can locate it.

Why do people want to know the piano type and age?

There are many reasons why people want to determine the piano type and age. The most common reason is that they want to sell their musical instrument. I am always curious about a piano’s age, especially if it has been in a family for a number of generations. If an old or antique piano is well kept and still in perfect playing condition, it can be worth many thousands of dollars.

What is the piano worth?

In order to determine any piano’s exact worth, experienced piano dealers will inspect a piano thoroughly. Unfortunately, I have seen many original, antique pianos that are not worth as much as people would expect. While restoration is not cheap, it is essential that you consider restoring your antique piano before you decide to sell it. Once it is restored, you will begin to realize that more people would be interested in buying it, making it worth a lot more than before.

How often should an owner tune the piano?piano

I suggest that pianos should typically be tuned every six months, even though a large number of pianos are tuned at least once every year. If you live in a humid climate, it is sensible that you tune the musical instrument two to three times a year.

Will refinishing the piano ruin its worth?

Many customers ask this question and it does not surprise me. Most people are afraid that by refinishing their pianos, it will end up diminishing the instrument’s value. However, I can assure you that professional refinishing is compulsory, particularly for old or antique pianos. Once a piano is refinished, it augments its value and as you begin to play it, you can instantaneously detect the superior sound.

An old or antique piano is worth keeping, but if you are not interested in keeping it, it is better that you obtain some professional advice from piano dealers that operate in your area. A number of dealers would be happy to purchase the piano and restore it for an excellent price. On the other hand, if you want to keep it, it is highly recommended that you hire a greatly experienced piano technician to inspect the unit and repair it as close as possible to perfection. This way, it will always stay in the family and remain as a family heirloom.  

Do you know any well thought-of piano dealers in your area that are reliable?

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