The Best Maintenance Tips & Tricks For Your Piano

    Let me tell you a quick story. I once played with a jazz band that rehearsed in a rental studio. This place had a piano that obviously wasn’t maintained very well. A thick layer of dust and grime coated the keys. There were dings and dents everywhere. It sounded alright; they obviously sprung … Continued

How Does Improper Playing Affects Your Piano

Bless my parents and my piano teacher who stuck with me for seven years.  One of my fondest memoies of our first piano is a picture I still have .  It is a picture of me sitting on the piano stool when I was a baby.  The picture shows me grinning from ear to ear and of course … Continued

What Kind Of Piano Should I Donate To My School?

 A number of individual states and the US Government have given individuals who file tax returns several advantages for assisting accredited public benefit organizations. When a person donates a piano to an eligible nonprofit organization, he may be able to obtain an actual deduction on his income tax, which is equal to the piano’s full … Continued

Checklist For Donating A Piano To Your School

If you are thinking about donating your piano to your local school, there are a number of essential things to consider. I admire people who take the initiative to donate their belongings to those who are in need. In this case, you want to donate your piano, which means that you are presenting the gift … Continued

The 4 Best Piano Styles That Can Be Updated With Technology

Music is continuously progressing and with the production of new innovations and inventions, it is definitely making an immense difference to how people create music. In today’s digital age, producing music is now within reach of more individuals, and one particular development is the introduction of electronic keyboards or digital pianos.

Budget Tips for Purchasing Your First Piano

When it comes to purchasing a piano, I often advise my clients to allocate a specific budget, so that they do not spend more than they can afford. Simply put, when purchasing a piano, you need to make a number of decisions, which include the following:

How To Minimize Maintenance Costs For A Piano

Given the intricacy and size of the majority of pianos on the market, it may seem like a never-ending endeavor when it comes to taking care of it. To minimize the maintenance costs of your piano, it is advisable that you avoid damages before they happen, so that you do not spend a lot of … Continued