Grand Reasons To Buy Grand Pianos

Grand pianos are classically beautiful and elegant. The frame and strings of grand pianos are horizontal, making them different than upright pianos. They are usually larger than upright pianos and are used by many artists in concerts, or placed in homes as beautiful centerpieces. Whether you choose a concert grand, a parlor grand, boudoir grand … Continued

What To Look For In A Grand Rental

Due to insistent public demand, I am writing this guide on grand rental. I know for a fact that investing in a grand is a once in a lifetime decision. There are a lot of queries I got from our readers on how to make the right buying decision. We all have our own preferences. … Continued

Grand Rental For A Special Event

These days, it seems like everyone is cutting corners when they’re putting on a special event. It’s understandable, given the current economy, but there really is nothing like having a real, live grand piano to give style and class to an event. No MP3 player will ever come close to matching the sound of a … Continued

Consider Piano Rental For Weddings

Until you begin planning a wedding, you’ll never realize how much work is actually involved. First, there’s the venue – indoor, outdoor, church, botanical garden or tropical beach? Next, you have to create the guest list, and if you leave anyone out you risk a few years of the silent treatment. Then you have to … Continued

Grand Rental Piano Sizes

I began playing the piano when I was four-years old.  Like most pianists, I started on an upright piano – a player piano, to be exact – in my Nana’s living room.  I loved playing from the start but like many children, I didn’t give a thought to the type of piano I was playing. … Continued

Buy A Piano Player And Get Acoustics, Not Accosted

Several recent high profile cases have drawn attention to the dangers lurking behind every classified ad. In Ohio, a man and a 16-year-old boy used the promise of work to lead unemployed men to their death. In Oregon, a pregnant mother in search of used baby clothes was murdered along with her unborn child by … Continued