Grand Rental And Weddings

Learning to play the piano is one of those childhood memories that has stayed with me grand rentalmy whole life. As a child, I always enjoyed it, especially once I learned how to read music and was able to go beyond the lesson plan and begin playing the songs that I chose. That is when the music really began to draw me in.

Now, when surrounded by friends around the piano enjoying an evening together, it is quite satisfying to be the life of the party. Wherever I go, when I see a grand piano, it is just too hard to resist to play a tune. It takes me to another place. I always envision a magical woods where elves are dancing and the centaurs are keeping time. I must say, I am so glad my parents made the effort to give me piano lessons when I was young.  

Owning a grand piano is a joy. I was unable to afford one until I saw that some piano stores offered a grand rental. This is an amazing opportunity, piano rental has allowed me to acquire an instrument that would have been out of reach. With a grand rental, I am able to entertain my friends, but more importantly, find that magical place within myself each time I sit on the bench and hear that first resounding note.

A friend of mine asked that I play for her wedding reception. This was quite an honor, and rental pianoI was a little nervous! People commented they wished they could serenade the crowd. Since then, two other friends have asked that I be a part of their wedding celebrations. And I could not be happier!

But for me, it is all about returning to the magical woods. When I am a little lonely, or if life is getting to be too stressful, I find myself migrating toward those black and white keys and the tension melts away. I am back in a world where there is only happiness to be found.

Do you play the piano? It is never too late to learn! Have you considered a grand rental or a purchase of your own? When you sit down at the keys, where does it take you? I would really like to know, as music is such a fundamental part of my life, it pleases me to hear other people enjoy it just as much!


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