6 Examples Of Why You Should Know A Grand Rental History

Before you rent a grand piano, it is important that you find out as much as you can about the grand rentalgrand rental history. In this blog post, you will learn six important things to find out from the piano dealer in regards to the rental piano.

1. How often the piano has been moved

Moving a piano normally requires the correct tools and skilled movers. Without proper knowledge and tools such as a leg removal, safety ropes, or belts and many others, there is a chance that the piano will incur damages. Thus, before you rent the piano, it is essential to find out how much stress the rental unit has endured. Ask how many times the piano has been moved from one home to the other, because it can make a significant difference.

2. How often is it tuned?

If a professional piano tuner or a Registered Piano Technician constantly tunes the grand rental, then it should be in a good enough condition. Normally, a piano dealer will ensure that all the rental pianos are tuned to perfection after they are returned and before it goes to a new home.

3. Places where the pianos are stored

Aside from piano stores and dealers, there are piano owners who rent their pianos to other people for additional cash. If you find a private rental, it is imperative that you ask where the piano is stored.

In most stores, you know that all the pianos are to be found in the stores, but when it comes to private rentals, there is a high chance that the musical instrument is stored in the garage or worse, a storage unit. Public storage units lack climate control and this can post serious threats to all the pianos. Therefore, before you opt for a grand rental, check its location first.

4. How often do people rent the pianos

Are the pianos avidly played? This is an essential to know, so that you can determine if the store or owner tunes the piano accordingly. Pianos that are used very often need to be tuned about three to four times a year, whereby unused units should go for maintenance about once a year.

5. Who performs the maintenance?piano rental

This is important because you would not want to rent a piano that is tuned by the owner’s next-door neighbor or uncle. A professional should always tune the grand rental unit, so check with the owner or dealer concerning the person who is in charge of the piano maintenance.

6. Who plays the musical instrument?

Two grand units from the same brand and age can each sound differently about ten to twenty years from now. It all depends on who has been playing those musical instruments. Piano stores and dealers will ensure all the units are in top shape after each unit is rented out to interested parties. Nevertheless, you need to know who normally rents the piano – children or adults, beginners or intermediates, and so forth.

When you are looking to rent a grand piano, you need to be especially careful. Find out as much as you can about the history and ensure that you ask all the important questions pertinent to the piano and rental requirements. Ensure that the dealer or owner has insurance for the piano. It should cover any damages that the piano might incur during the move from the store to your home and vice versa.

Have you ever rented a piano? What was your overall renting experience like? 

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