Consider Piano Rental For Weddings

digital pianosUntil you begin planning a wedding, you’ll never realize how much work is actually involved. First, there’s the venue – indoor, outdoor, church, botanical garden or tropical beach? Next, you have to create the guest list, and if you leave anyone out you risk a few years of the silent treatment. Then you have to worry about the flowers and decor, the caterer, bridal party, transportation, menu and much more. Lastly, and possibly most importantly, you have to make decisions regarding the music. If you choose to have a wedding at a venue that does not provide live music, you may be left piping the wedding march through your brother’s auto sound system. Sounds romantic, right?

Luckily for you, we offer piano rental services. This means instead of traipsing down the aisle to the best man’s last minute beat box rendition of “Here Comes the Bride,” you can enjoy the big moment just as you’d always dreamed – with the beautiful tinkling of a quality piano. After all, it’s much easier to keep pace with a professionally tuned piano than to your cousin’s amateur accordion waltz.

In addition to music for the ceremony, a piano rental also comes in handy for the pre and post ceremony cocktail hour as your guests mix and mingle while you snap a few thousand photos with the photographer. A piano rental may also be necessary for your reception. How else is great aunt Lucy going to showcase her Jitterbug skills after her third glass of champagne?

Unlike some piano rental companies, we offer various kinds of pianos – including breathtaking concert grands,piano rental classic baby grands, versatile digital pianos, space saving uprights or powerful Hammond B3’s.  All of our pianos are well cared for and primed for special occasions. We understand that every wedding has a specific theme and style, and we like to make sure we have just the instrument to produce the music you desire – even if that music includes a few Vaudeville show tunes for great aunt Lucy.

Once you’ve chosen your piano, the next step is to choose the music – but what about the musician? Unfortunately we don’t have any self-playing pianos, but if you’re looking for a professional pianist for your wedding festivities, we can assist you in finding just the right person for an affordable rate. Additionally, we’ll provide an on-site tuner to keep your chosen rented piano sounding its best.

We can’t promise the caterer will show up on time, the flowers won’t be wilted and that those gathering rain clouds won’t release an impromptu downpour, but we can ensure your wedding day soundtrack is played without a hitch. After all, if there is one thing we know, it’s pianos. Very few things about planning a wedding are considered “stress free,” but, with our easy piano rental you can cross at least one item off your list.

Now, please tell us – would you rent a piano for your wedding? What sort of music would you like to hear on your big day?  








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