Buy A Piano Player And Get Acoustics, Not Accosted

Several recent high profile cases have drawn attention to the dangers lurking behind every classified ad. In Ohio, a man and a 16-year-old boy used the promise of work to lead unemployed men to their death. In Oregon, a buyer bewarepregnant mother in search of used baby clothes was murdered along with her unborn child by a someone advertising on Craigslist. And right here in Georgia, two men advertised a used car in order to lure victims they would then rob at gunpoint. 

Sadly, these cases highlight the dangers of purchasing goods from unknown sources. The same could happen to you if you use online classified ads to look for a piano player. You want acoustics in your home; you don’t want to be accosted.

The Internet has made it much easier for criminals to find their victims. Advertise something someone wants, especially something of high value like a piano player, and simply wait for your victims to come to you carrying a large quantity of cash. Nothing could be simpler for those people inclined to carry out crimes against others.

piano playerSure, a good number of people who sell their unwanted household items via these Internet services act in good faith. But how can you know for sure? The answer is, you can’t. To guarantee your safety, you should purchase your piano player from a reputable dealer, preferably one with deep roots and a long-standing tradition within the community.

The Internet is a scary place as too many people have found out in recent years. Some of those people have paid with their lives. In the end, no single thing is worth putting your life — or, God forbid, your loved ones — in danger.                                                                                                  








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