REVIEW – Samick SDP45 Digital Piano

REVIEW – Samick SDP45 Digital Piano – Surprisingly Good & Loaded with Cool Features The Samick Piano Company is a very well known & respected South Korean piano & musical instrument manufacturer which has been making acoustic grand and upright pianos for over 50 years. Their line of acoustic piano products include the Samick brand … Continued

Why Piano Showroom Acoustics Are Important During Purchase

Regardless of what type of piano you are interested in, the primary reason for purchasing a new instrument is for the love of music and the beauty that it can bring to our lives. The sounds that we are able to create from a piano become a magical experience and a precious moment in time… … Continued

Kawai Piano Models

We live in times of rapid technological progress. It’s shaped the way we do everything – from communicating and sharing information on a personal or professional level to transportation and even the way in which we check out at the grocery store. Over the past few decades, technology has changed music more than ever before. … Continued

What’s The Allure To The Grand Piano?

A grand piano is a complex and regal machine; its mere presence will give any room a distinct air that can be brought about only by the presence of a beautiful instrument that could fill the air with majestic sound. Grand pianos are such beautiful specimens that not only will they provide powerful sounds to … Continued

Grand Pianos Come In Many Sizes

One of my favorite things about pianos is the amazing range of types and sizes on offer. There’s no other musical instrument with such diversity, and what it means is that there truly is a piano to fit anyone’s lifestyle. Grand pianos, especially, come in a huge range of sizes. A grand can be anywhere … Continued

Grand Rental For A Special Event

These days, it seems like everyone is cutting corners when they’re putting on a special event. It’s understandable, given the current economy, but there really is nothing like having a real, live grand piano to give style and class to an event. No MP3 player will ever come close to matching the sound of a … Continued

Baldwin Piano Artist Endorsements

Buying a piano is an exciting experience for both the seasoned musician and those who are just starting out. This thrilling adventure can also be a rather costly one. Therefore, much time should be taken when deciding which piano is the best fit. Whichever piano is chosen, it should bring great joy and satisfaction that … Continued

Yamaha Grand Piano Quality Level

A grand piano is much more than a simple instrument. These majestic music makers have the ability to stun an entire concert hall into utter silence, transform an empty ball room into an elegant gathering space or bring a Broadway presentation to life. They are crafted to be the largest and most powerful pianos available, … Continued