REVIEW – Samick SDP45 Digital Piano

REVIEW – Samick SDP45 Digital Piano – Surprisingly Good & Loaded with Cool Features

samick acoustic grandThe Samick Piano Company is a very well known & respected South Korean piano & musical instrument manufacturer which has been making acoustic grand and upright pianos for over 50 years. Their line of acoustic piano products include the Samick brand as well as Kohler & Campbell, Seiler, Pramberger, Knabe, and others. Samick is also one of the largest guitar building companies in the world and has made thousands of guitars for famous companies including Fender, Gibson, Yamaha, and others and also builds the Greg Bennett and Silvertone line of acoustic & electric guitars. I have personally played on and owned Samick acoustic pianos in the past as well as currently owning Samick made Greg Bennett acoustic guitars, so I am very familiar with their instruments and they are Read more »

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