Baldwin Piano Artist Endorsements

baldwin pianoBuying a piano is an exciting experience for both the seasoned musician and those who are just starting out. This thrilling adventure can also be a rather costly one. Therefore, much time should be taken when deciding which piano is the best fit. Whichever piano is chosen, it should bring great joy and satisfaction that lasts a lifetime. As with any other purchase, it is important to do substantial research before making the final choice. This can be done by looking at piano reviews, as well as the artists who play them. To ensure that I obtain trustworthy information when comparing the various piano brands available, I want to make sure that the reviewers I look at have an unbiased opinion.

Artist Endorsements – The Difference

To ensure that the opinions of reviewers are indeed unbiased, I investigated the details behind Baldwin piano artist endorsements versus the endorsements of other piano brands. With some piano brands, artists are paid and given special benefits for their endorsement. There are certain brands who require the artist to sign a formal agreement stating that they will not publicly play any other piano besides the one they have endorsed, unless specific events occur such as unavailability or mechanical problems. If the rules of the agreement are broken, the artist can lose their benefits. Considering the penalties may make someone question why artists would still choose to endorse these brands. Simply stated, they choose to do so becabaldwin pianosuse through the agreement they also receive great benefits, such as technical assistance and an extensive variety of pianos to choose from when and where the artists’ needs arise.

Unfortunately however, because of the benefits obtained from endorsing these brands, these artists could be considered as having a biased opinion of the piano they play. On the contrary, a musician who endorses a piano brand solely based upon their love for that instrument is much more convincing to consumers. An unbiased opinion such as this can be seen through Baldwin piano artist endorsements. Baldwin artists are not paid for nor do they receive special benefits for their endorsement. Baldwin piano simply ensures that they will do their best to supply pianos to artists when they need them. Artists who endorse this instrument do so because they have experienced the quality, stability, fine craftsmanship and brilliant sound of the Baldwin piano.

Making an Unbiased Decisipianoon

Baldwin pianos have stood the test of time and are played by musicians around the world. Several well known artists have been endorsing these pianos since the beginning of the 20th century. These artists represent a number of genres including classical, pop, jazz and country. Various concert pianists, classical composers, symphony orchestras, as well as film and theater composers use Baldwin pianos. Baldwin produced music can be heard on many famous movies, such as Schindler’s List, Star Wars and Superman. Several Grammy awards and millions of musical albums can also be attributed to the Baldwin piano. This tells me that artists choose these pianos based upon quality, not benefits.

After investigating the artist endorsements of various piano brands, it is interesting to see which are paid and which are unpaid. I am certain that those brands which do have paid endorsements still represent high quality pianos. However, when choosing the right piano for my home, peace of mind comes from knowing that the endorsements are given freely by artists and are not benefit driven.

Being certain that there are no strings attached when artists endorse Baldwin pianos, convinces me that this is indeed an outstanding instrument and definitely a top choice for my home.  What is your opinion about artist paid endorsements?   






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