6 Pros & Cons of Purchasing A Used Piano

A piano’s worth depends on various factors, especially a used piano. A large number of people believe that used pianos are equal to an economical buy, but I can assure you that it is not. The following are six pros and cons with reference to purchasing a used piano:

Where’s the Starting Line?: Tips On Purchasing a Piano

A piano is deemed as one of the most magnificent musical instruments that you can ever possess. This instrument can stay as one of your most prized possessions for a very long period. Due to this reason, it is imperative to purchase a first-class quality piano, particularly one that is excellent in terms of artisanship … Continued

Grand Pianos: Bringing Up The Aesthetics In Your Home

Adding a fresh coat of paint on your walls, adding accent furniture, and other methods are great to make the ambiance and environment of your house perfect throughout the year, but there is something even better that can really boost up the aesthetic of any family’s house. Beautifully crafted and high quality sounding grand pianos … Continued

Need A Piano For Sale? 4 Places To Purchase One From

Buying a piano can be a very difficult task, especially for newcomers who don’t have any previous experience with the process. I believe that getting hold of the right piano is essential for the evolution and growth of a musician. I know mine did when I was learning.

Steinway Piano Boston and Essex

If money makes the world go around, it must be music that makes that turning tolerable.  Music has been called the language of the angels or, as Thomas Carlyle said, the speech of angels.  That’s why so much religious artwork depicts angels playing music on harps or trumpets, and why music has found an important … Continued

Piano Rental And The Piano Dealer

Welcome to Cooper Music; the home of musical dreams. With over a century of experience, we offer stunning musical instruments for special occasions, as an alternative to purchasing and on a rent-to-own basis. We, at Cooper Music of Atlanta, are able to help you find the right piano for you or your child’s needs and … Continued

Piano For Sale And What Is A Good Value

When I was a fairly new parent, my two toddlers were invited in to play a friend’s “brand new” antique grand piano.  I was a nervous wreck but she calmed me by advising that they couldn’t hurt it as long as they hit the keys with only their fingers.  That was nice for me to … Continued

All Pianos Are Not Created Equal

Each piano is made differently, as it is made from different types of woods, finishes, and more. Pianos come in a range of various sizes, shapes, types, and designs. You can find a vertical piano and a horizontal piano too. Let’s learn a few useful aspects about the assorted types of this very special musical … Continued