Piano Rental And The Piano Dealer

Welcome to Cooper Music; the home of musical dreams. With over a century of experience, we offer stunning musical instruments for special occasions, as an alternative to purchasing and on a rent-to-own basis. We, at Cooper Music of Atlanta, are able to help you find the right piano for you or your child’s needs and we provide the selected piece promptly to you.

Here at Cooper Music, we believe that a better world is built through music education.

Types of Pianos to Rent

New, used and restored pianos are available through the Cooper Music Rental Program.piano-rental Choose from a range of pieces, from digital pianos to church organs. There are more than 30 brands from which to select within the vast rental department.

Rental Options

If you walk into a piano showroom, a good piano company should offer multiple ways to owning or renting a piano of your own. Piano dealer Cooper Music offers a Rent to Rent option as well as the choice to Rent to Own.

There are no time restrictions to Rent to Rent, which is only available in the Atlanta area. Pianos are available under this option for as low as $25 a month! Prices vary according to make, model and type of piano selected. Digital pianos start at only $30 per month.

Take any financial stresses out of the equation with the Rent to Rent option. You are under no contract, which means you can cancel at any time. We will fix the piece in the unlikely event it breaks and we offer first floor delivery as well. There is no compromising on customer service as well as the quality of pianos.

The Rent to Own method is a great way to space out payments rather than make one large purchase. The six month payment deadline gives you ample time to work with us to find the perfect piano for you. Over the six months, we will find you the model, size and finish that will make the musical instrument a perfect fit in your home.

Finding the Right Piano

As piano dealers since 1906, we at Cooper Music offer expert guidance to ensure you find the piano that works for you or for your family’s needs. The size, style and finish of the pianos renting-pianoare all important features to consider.

We will help you decide if your best option for piano rental is a spinet piano or a digital piano. One factor to consider is the reason why you rent. For example, you may want to determine if your child is serious about learning to play before you make a large investment.

We help you examine the features and even let children play in store to help them get a feel for the instruments. You are also able to test the piano prior to rental. This is a great technique we use to find the best piano for you. If you prefer, our expert staff can also play songs and scales as a way to demonstrate the magnificent abilities of the instruments available.

Our help is pressure-free and we have extensive knowledge of all brands that we carry.

Reasons to Rent

Renting a piano is a great way to explore musical interests or introduce a child to the instrument to see if he or she is serious about learning to play before making a large purchase. Cooper Music offers pianos of various models, makes, sizes and finishes. We are here to answer your questions and provide you the piano that is the best-fit for your environment.

What features are most important to you in a piano that you would want to rent? How does the affordability of the rental price fit into the equation? Share your thoughts. 

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