Piano For Sale And What Is A Good Value

When I was a fairly new parent, my two toddlers were invited in to play a friend’s “brand new” antique grand piano.  I was a nervous wreck but she calmed me by advising that they couldn’t hurt it as long as they hit the keys with only their fingers.  That was nice for me to hear then, but I wonder how many people really understand what a piano can and cannotantique-piano take?  If you’re looking for a piano to add to your home anytime soon, you may want these tips on what a piano can take.

What’s At Stake

First of all, you’ve probably already deduced that the value of a piano for sale, whether new or used, is going to be a substantial element in your decision.  What you choose will affect what you’re going to pay along lines similar to a new sofa or portrait painting.  If you decide to invest in a “kitchen piano,” like I did when the above mentioned children were preschoolers, you’ll have a lot less invested up front than if you commit to purchasing a new or used living room show-stopper.  Think street-artist charcoal sketch compared to an over-the-mantle oil on canvas.

How To Determine Value

You may find a piano for sale that in appearance screams “I’m the best” when the truth is that the piano is a disaster inside.  In used pianos, knowing whether it’s been played by concert students or Jerry Lee Lewis wannabe’s can make a big difference in the instrument’s real condition.  Where it’s been is just as important since a quick wipe with orange oil will make an ornate mahogany exterior gleam even though the interior structure may be damaged from years of dust, must or damp.

Someone Needs To Look Under The Hood                     

Chances are, just because you have a home and family with the desire for piano music, and the space and purse to get one, you don’t automatically know what, exactly, to look for “under the hood.”  That’s normal.  Most car owners don’t inspect their own engines either – they leave that to the auto professionals.  Even for the kitchen piano I bought years ago, I piano-for-salehad a technician look it over for me to give me the OK before I bought it.  In any piano for sale ad, look to see if they’re anxious or would allow you to have a technician inspect it.

Enjoy The Process

Have a technical condition inspection done before any purchase and enjoy discovering all your options in pianos.  The size alone warrants thought.  In a standup piano, the space needed is not huge, maybe something equivalent to a stand-alone wardrobe, but consider having enough room for an audience to relax and enjoy the practices or performances.  If you want a baby grand, you might consider where to place it so you and your guests will get maximum listening and viewing pleasure.  And of course, a grand piano should include input from a professional concert technician and/or decorator for the maximum benefit.

Finding a good value piano for sale might make you stop and think.  If you’ve ever wanted the chance to learn seriously or even bang away in private, you should take time to consider any viable option that happily comes your way.  But if you have buying a piano on your immediate, must do agenda, then consider asking your local piano store for advice.  It helps to know the market and to have a reliable service technician on call to inspect a choice for you first then, if you buy, help in moving and tuning it.

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