Two Pianos That Bring Out the Pianist in You

There are many types of pianos on the market, such as baby grands, studios, digital pianos, uprights, grands, petites, and many more. You can find new and used instruments, as well as imitations. Additionally, there are different brands and it is rather difficult to establish which piano is the best choice for your budget and … Continued

Baldwin Piano Sale: How To Find A Good Deal

If you are looking for a Baldwin piano sale, I suggest that you search the Internet. Nowadays, nothing is better than the Internet, as it offers affordability and a huge variety. As I observe the many brands and types of pianos, it occurs to me that there are several similarities and connections within these brands. … Continued

What Makes A Baldwin Upright Piano Special

My love and passion for music came from learning how to play the piano at an early age. Even at an early age, I realized that learning how to play the musical instrument had stimulated various senses and my mind. As I grow older, playing piano has nurtured my ardor for music, my work ethic, … Continued

How To Select The Right Baldwin Piano

Dwight Hamilton Baldwin was the founder of Baldwin pianos. A violinist and a reed organ teacher, Baldwin introduced his first upright piano and opened his first music store in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1862. His musical instruments have won numerous awards and a few top honors. There are a large number of well-known people who used … Continued

Why Baldwin Pianos Are A Great Value

Dwight Hamilton Baldwin, who was a reed organ and a talented violin teacher, started Baldwin Pianos. Baldwin opened a music store in 1862, which was located in Cincinnati, Ohio. He introduced his first upright piano in 1891. His pianos have won many awards including the Grand Prix Award in 1900, and several top honors in … Continued

Baldwin Upright Pianos Are In Most Institutions

Many people’s love of music comes from learning the piano at an early age. Learning to play the piano stimulates the senses and the mind. It also cultivates one’s work ethic, passion for music, a desire and gift  for intellectual stimulation, and a strong bond between student and teacher. Buying a piano is a once … Continued

Grand Pianos and Their Makers

There is something very special about grand pianos. Perhaps it’s the deep, unsurpassed, rich tonal quality produced when the hammer hits the strings, or the sleek shining finish. Maybe it’s their imposing size, or the fact that their very presence conveys wealth and elegance. It may even be a combination of all of these things … Continued

Baldwin Piano Sizes

When I went piano-hunting for my youngest daughter’s classical music class, I was bombarded by a host of different options; so much so that it became a chore to choose the right one. I wanted to make sure I got the right size, performance and acoustics for a lifetime of practicing and playing, and was … Continued