How To Select The Right Baldwin Piano

Dwight Hamilton Baldwin was the founder of Baldwin pianos. A violinist and a reed organ baldwin pianoteacher, Baldwin introduced his first upright piano and opened his first music store in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1862. His musical instruments have won numerous awards and a few top honors. There are a large number of well-known people who used Baldwin pianos in the past, which include Igor Stravinsky, President Harry Truman, and Aaron Copland. If you are considering buying a musical instrument, you should firstly consider buying a Baldwin piano.

Why Should You Buy One

Not many people see this, but I always believe that playing the piano can create a prolonged enjoyment and cerebral stimulation. While it does not matter which brand you play, it is advisable to buy one from Baldwin Company, because it provides a sense of belonging in the world of music. Whether it is a new or used unit that you invest in, you will be greatly satisfied.

It does help to be prepared before you invest in one, so that you choose one that suits your musical needs and will guarantee some level of musical success. I would advise that you find one that is able to offer stylishness, superiority, and magnificence. Of course, it is also important to purchase a unit that plays brilliantly and produces perfect sounds.

How to Choose a Baldwin Piano

Clients and students come to me all the time when they want to buy this timeless musical instrument. My guidelines are always the same, no matter which piano brand they choose to buy. It is imperative that you visit a few local piano dealers in your area that offer a wide variety of new and used units. Keep in mind that buying one is akin to buying clothes. You need to find one that suits your taste and style.

Therefore, you need to play as many pianos as you can, to achieve that. Additionally, you can ask the sales representatives to demonstrate a few choices and ensure that you pay attention to the tone – you should choose one that gives you the most appealing sound. When you play one, concentrate on the touch response and always choose one that provides the best touch response.

Different Cabinetry Suits Different People

I know some people who prefer an Ebony finish, while others prefer solid white or black finishes. Whichever you prefer, it is important to choose one that complements your home décor. A Baldwin piano should stand proud at one corner of the room or if you have a wide enough space, placing one in the middle of it would be even better. I would not advise you to make a rushed decision, because the last thing you want is to pay an excessive amount of money for a musical instrument that looks out of place.

Buying New or Used Pianos from Retail Dealerspiano dealer

When you buy from a retail dealer, you will obtain a warranty from the manufacturer and the dealer will usually offer professional delivery and tuning services. You will not be short of choices at most of the music stores, as there are many cabinetry options, finishes, styles, and sizes to choose from. As for used pianos, you will find various choices that are refurbished exceptionally well. The used pianos normally include professional delivery, tuning, and a warranty too.

Buying Used Pianos from Individuals

If you prefer to buy from individual or private sellers, you need to find one that is trustworthy. To locate them, you can search the Internet and local classifieds. A Baldwin piano sold by private sellers is a lot more affordable than the ones you find in local music stores. However, most used pianos from private sellers do not come with a warranty and tuning services and could require costly repair, so the final decision ultimately lies with you.  




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