Baldwin Upright Pianos Are In Most Institutions

Many people’s love of music comes from learning the piano at an early age. Learning to play the piano stimulates the senses and the mind. It also cultivates one’s work ethic, passion for music, a desire and gift  for intellectual stimulation, and a strong bond between student and teacher. Buying a piano is a once in a lifetime event that can lead to a life full of value andbaldwin-upright-piano contribution, as well as a profoundly intellectual and emotional bond with music itself, as a way of expressing oneself. A piano can change the life of a child or enrich the life of an adult in many ways. 

Baldwin upright pianos are among the best in the world. Stravinsky and Copland played on Baldwin upright pianos. They are first rate and if bought in good condition, last a lifetime. A Baldwin upright is found in many music institutions around the world. They are one of the most easily recognizable and frequently used pianos in the professional musician world. They will be a great addition to the music lover’s family, and I recommend them to any family who is looking to nurture children in their own musical journey and love. Most likely if your children play piano in an institution, they will play on a Baldwin upright. 

Baldwin uprights have been played since 1891, and remain one of the top brands in the piano industry. This will truly change your life if you decide to purchase a Baldwin. They can be found in many different styles to fit your decor. I recommend that you consult your whole family before you make your choice, but if you do buy a Baldwin upright, you will at least baldwin-pianoknow that it is quality and is meant to be played by anyone willing to learn the art of the piano. It is the young student’s fondest teacher, a teacher’s aide, and buyer’s pride.

These pianos are so popular because they are a superb blending of different materials all functioning as one beautiful sounding unit. The casing of a Baldwin upright is usually made of mahogany, cherry or oak. The action pieces, or the keys for example, are made of seasoned rock maple to ensure a long lasting, pure sound. There is a reason these pianos are used in institutions all over the world. They have a history of being built to last generations, a keepsake to keep the musical tradition alive in any family. 

Baldwin upright pianos have earned their reputation from over a hundred years of quality performance in many institutional settings, as well as being the piano of choice for many great artists. Be sure to substantiate what you are looking for out of your next piano, and do no take a decision like this lightly, because the Cooper Brothers want you to be sure of your wonderful purchase. When deciding on pianos, Baldwin pianos are guaranteed the best quality and longest lasting sound of any available at Cooper Brothers. These pianos are works of art that will contribute to the growth of your intellect and the musical wonderment of generations to come. Who will play your Baldwin piano in the future?

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