How To Choose The Best Keyboards In Atlanta

Whether you are a beginner or you plan to display your skills during several performances in different places in your area, there is always a keyboard for your budget and skill levels. To help make your choice easier, I have several guidelines to help you choose one of the best Atlanta keyboards that are available … Continued

Sould Beginners Consider Keyboards Rather Than Pianos?

One of the most frequently asked questions from my customers is, should they purchase a piano or a keyboard piano for their child who is a piano neophyte. Often, I ask several significant questions related to their lifestyle, living arrangement, budget, for instance, before recommending any musical instrument. Pianos are highly regarded as magnificent musical … Continued

REVIEW – Samick SDP45 Digital Piano

REVIEW – Samick SDP45 Digital Piano – Surprisingly Good & Loaded with Cool Features The Samick Piano Company is a very well known & respected South Korean piano & musical instrument manufacturer which has been making acoustic grand and upright pianos for over 50 years. Their line of acoustic piano products include the Samick brand … Continued

Acoustic Digital Piano Buyer And Research

With the advent of high-quality electronic instruments, an interesting question has arisen for potential piano-buyers: whether to get an acoustic piano, or a digital piano. While purists often look doubtfully upon digital pianos, in reality, these are two substantially different products with different features and abilities. Which you want depends more on what you want … Continued

Player Pianos Run With An Ipad Or Smart Phone

Has the novelty of a player piano become history, much like those old movies depicting player pianos? I don’t think so, especially with the rise of smartphones and tablets. In fact, player pianos can now be played with even an iPhone or iPad! So, if you find yourself interested in purchasing a piano but don’t … Continued

Acoustic Digital Piano Buyer Tips

Traditional pianos are acoustic pianos, with sound produced when keys are touched, causing internal hammers to hit strings that vibrate and produce musical notes. A acoustic digital piano, however, is an electric piano with additional capacities that sounds just like an acoustic piano and therefore is often called a digital acoustic piano. Digital Acoustic Pianos … Continued

Digital Pianos And The Beginning Student

Digital pianos are a great place to start for beginning piano students. When I first started piano lessons I decided to start with a digital piano for several reasons. First, I was not sure that I had the time to make a serious commitment to lessons, and I was not sure whether I would continue … Continued

Keyboards and Digital Pianos- What’s the Difference?

Many people have asked me what about the differences between  keyboards and a digital pianos. Both styles offer convenience and portability that can’t be achieved with a traditional acoustic piano and cost considerably less. However, there are several unique qualities that separate the two.