Sould Beginners Consider Keyboards Rather Than Pianos?

One of the most frequently asked questions from my customers is, should they purchase a keyboardspiano or a keyboard piano for their child who is a piano neophyte. Often, I ask several significant questions related to their lifestyle, living arrangement, budget, for instance, before recommending any musical instrument. Pianos are highly regarded as magnificent musical instruments and normally, when a person mentions that he has a piano, almost everyone around him is impressed.

On the other hand, keyboards, due to their ability to produce different and complicated sounds, also fascinate a large number of people. Therefore, I always tell my customers that the purchase of a piano or a keyboard depends on their space and musical needs as well as other relevant issues.

Is a Piano or Keyboard Better for a Novice?

It all depends on what the piano player wants to achieve. If he wants to play classical or jazz music in front of hundreds of audiences or to be part of a classical orchestra, then a piano is more suitable. However, if he wants to be the keyboardist of a rock or a pop band, then the keyboard is definitely the right choice because it offers a wide variety of music styles.

In my personal point of view, a keyboard is better because a person can play around with the music styles. By meddling with the varied styles, a beginner can determine the type of genre that he prefers to play. In addition, it makes it easier for people to create their own pieces.

Characteristics of a Keyboard

As with pianos, keyboards have their own characteristics. Before one considers which musical instrument is better, it is best to learn about the attributes of a keyboard.

The Artistic Side of a Keyboard

A keyboard comes in numerous shapes and sizes as well as aesthetic values. You can find a bulky keyboard or a compact version on the shelves. Additionally, they come in a variety of finishes too. These days, most keyboards come with 61, 76, or 88 keys. An 88-key keyboard is similar to a piano.

The Assortment of Keyboards

Keyboards come in an assortment of models and series, unlike the digital pianos. For those in rock or pop bands, I notice that they always have a synthesizer as well, because this instrument allows them to amplify or alter their music. You can also find a keyboard version of stage pianos and workstations, which I believe are more suitable for intermediate or advanced players. Nevertheless, even for beginners, they will be spoiled with the numerous types of this musical instrument. One thing I know about a keyboard is that although each has its own extraordinary attributes, the tonal quality stays the same, which is typical, rich and powerful.

Now that you know the very few characteristics of a keyboard, it is time to consider a number ofyamaha keyboards things before you decide if the keyboard is better for beginners or not.


You have to determine if you need to work around a limited budget when it comes to purchasing a keyboard. Since different sizes and features of keyboards have different price tags, it is advisable that you first browse the different designs and find out as much as you can about the prices.

Number of Keys

As I mentioned previously, you can find a keyboard with between 61 and 88 keys. For beginners, a keyboard with 61 keys is ideal. Also, if you are looking for a keyboard with a touch response, you need to mention that to the sales representative, as some brands do not produce a keyboard with a touch response.

Space of Your Room

Even though the keyboards are lightweight, some of them are big. If you have a limited space allocated for the keyboard, a small or medium size instrument would be ideal.

What are some of the popular brands of keyboards that you know of?

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