Digital Pianos And The Beginning Student

Digital pianos are a great place to start for beginning piano students. When I first started piano lessons I decided to start with a digital piano for several reasons. First, I was not digital pianosure that I had the time to make a serious commitment to lessons, and I was not sure whether I would continue to be interested in learning to play. So instead of investing a lot of money in a traditional acoustic piano I chose a digital one.

If you are a beginning piano student, or you are planning on lessons for your child, consider selecting a digital piano for the following reasons:

  •  cost effective
  •  do not require regular maintenance
  •  take up less space
  •  are easier to transport
  •  are great for people with limited hand strength
Why spend a lot of money on an acoustic grand piano and the tune-ups it will require if you or your child is a beginning student? If you lose interest the piano could be difficult to sell and it will just sit there taking up space. However, a digital piano is light-weight compared to an acoustic piano, takes up far less space, and it will be easier to sell to another beginning student down the road. I had no trouble selling my digital piano.

digital pianosAnother benefit to the acoustic digital piano buyer is, that to a beginning student, they are easier to play if you have weak hands. I found it much easier to press the keys on my digital piano than on the acoustic one at my piano teacher’s home. I think digital pianos are better for beginners, especially children who have smaller fingers. 

Learning to play the piano is a rewarding experience for both adults and children. I started taking lessons as an adult. Although it was a lot of fun and I managed to master the basics, I think it is more challenging for beginning adult piano students. Personally, I wish my parents would have signed me up for lessons as a child. Why don’t you buy a digital piano for yourself or your child and enjoy the amazing gift of music? 

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