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We build a better world through active participation in music, and I am proud to be a part of so many young people’s lives changing with the gift of music. They expect more out of life as a result.

While music is a great way to help the youth grow into adults, it’s only part of a developing childhood.

Mount Wisdom for Boys and Girls

A good friend of mine has a wilderness outreach for boys and girls ages 12-17, that introduces them to both the wilderness and more importantly, themselves.

Mountain Wisdom is a summer camp that specializes in not just spending time in the wilderness, in mother nature, but in preparing teenagers for adulthood.

Operating in a setting without electronics enables campers to slow down and develop concentration and focus, bringing them closer in touch with the natural world while having a wonderful time.

Mount Wisdom Camp Activities

Activities include hiking, creek hikes, drumming, archery, cooperative and competitive games and a rope course in beautiful North Georgia.

Summer camps are a rewarding week for boys starting July 10th, and July 18th for girls.

We here at Cooper Piano feel so fortunate to know about this program and have supported it for many years I truly appreciate the hard work done at Mountain Wisdom.

If you would like more information you can visit their website at

And this will include all the information needed for what to expect, what to bring and what it can do for your child, and your relationship with your child. And it is an excellent value given the cost of providing the best for your children.

Mount Wisdom Trust Fall

With all the choices that are available this summer, why not treat your teenager to a camp they will never forget. Pass this along if you know anyone who may benefit from this unique experience.


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  1. I enjoy going up to the mountains and helping set up the camp for the kids. It gives me a good feeling of making a difference in their lives. It also does me good to work shoulder to shoulder with other men.

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