Meet The Staff At Cooper, They’ll Treat You Like Family

If you are thinking of buying a piano or a keyboard, you should consider visiting my store. At meet the staffCooper Music, we offer the best in terms of musical instruments and customer services. In this article, you will Meet The Staff of Cooper Music store.

Blake Cooper – President of Cooper Music

The fourth generation of the well known Cooper family and the current president of Cooper Music, Blake Cooper learned to play the piano at the age of four years already. He began spending time around the family business at the age of 10 and since 1963; he has worked in various departments of the company. After he mastered the piano, he learned to play the bass guitar and at the age of 13 years old, Blake started a rock band with a few friends. He continued to perform in various shows and concerts for 10 years.

For numerous years, the company has offered all music products and related education to the public. Somewhere in the late 80’s, the Cooper family made a decision to add another specialty to their collection – keyboard related education, services and products. As soon as his father retired from the family business, Blake became the president of the company. He learned many things in regards to the Internet and e-marketing, which eventually led to the launching of his website five years later. The website consists of all the products offered by the company. In addition, visitors are able to learn more about pianos and keyboards from the blog section, which is also filled with advice, tips and history of the musical instrument.

Steve Czarnecki – Store Manager of Cooper Music

Steve Czarnecki has been in the industry for more than 30 years. When you Meet The Staff of Cooper Music, you will learn that Steve has been in the company for more than 21 years. During his stay in Buffalo, New York, Steve had a piano and organ business that served the public for six years. The business consisted of Wurlitzer and Kawai pianos. According to Steve, he loves American and European pianos because each unit offers its own unique tone and traits.

Kyle Smith – Sales Manager of Cooper Musiccooper music

With 20 years of experience in the music industry, Kyle Smith has held numerous positions in a number of companies. At this moment, Kyle is the Director of the Music and Wellness Program at Cooper Music store. With his manifold experiences and expertise, Kyle is the best person to help you choose the right piano to fit your musical needs and lifestyle.

Ron Smith – Sales Associate of Cooper Music

Ron Smith studied Music Business at the prominent Belmont College in Nashville. With experiences and familiarity with the music business exceeding 25 years, Ron has a lot to bring to the Cooper Music Corporation. After he graduated, Ron worked in the musical instrument industry for a number of companies.

Like Blake Cooper, Ron has played in various bands all around Atlanta and over the Southeast for more than 30 years. Currently, he plays with several bands and is the worship leader at a regional church. Ron enjoys working for Cooper Music, as it allows him to help people make one of the most rewarding decisions that they will ever make in their lifetime.

At the Cooper Music store, you will come across other staff members such as Leigh Ann Boozer who is the Executive Assistant and Michael Crosby, Joe Swenson and Paul Byron; the company’s trusted Registered Piano Technicians. Larry Smith, the Delivery Support Manager is in charge of all the deliveries within the country. If you have a Baldwin piano and if you need a specialized technician to have a look at it, you can count on Bill Schueneman who is Cooper Music’s reputable Certified Baldwin Technician.

How important is it to you to Meet The Staff of a music store?

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