Atlanta Piano Movers Need To Be Insured

One of the best moments, when it comes to being a piano owner, is finally having your piano moved into your house and ready to be played. However, before getting the piano to your home, it is highly advised to have piano movers who are insured to make sure if anything goes wrong, that insurance can help cover any costs and lower liability. I know when I purchased my piano that I made sure my Atlanta piano movers were insured. But, why exactly can insurance help out in this situation? Here are some reasons whyatlanta-piano-movers your piano movers need to be insured!

Pianos are one of those investments that usually happen once in a lifetime. A greatly crafted piano can be passed down to kids and grandkids, who can keep up the tradition and pass down the piano to their own children. It is not just a family gift or another thing to have in your house, a piano can become a family heirloom that needs proper care and upkeep. When buying that perfect piano for your family, however, there are the logistics of having it moved to your house (and any future moves to new homes or locations). While piano retailers can help with the sale and teaching you how to play your piano, the movers are going to take care of the handling and moving of the piano.

Moving can be stressful as is, and having something so invested being moved can be especially headache inducing. Thankfully, Atlanta piano movers happen to be the best around! When I first bought my piano, I had nightmares that the movers might accidentally drop the piano. But, everything went smoothly and the movers were insured to boot. As apiano-movers checklist, remember:

  • Always ask if the movers have insurance before conducting any business first.
  • Remember to ask them to go into detail on what the insurance covers to make sure what you’re getting into.
  • Compare different movers, keep a short list of movers who you feel comfortable with and also provide the best prices for moving your piano.
  • It is usually best to try to use a piano retailer’s movers, just remember to ask if the movers are insured.
  • Another important thing to remember is the warranty on the piano itself. Should anything happen, make sure your piano is covered!

What if you just hired piano movers who aren’t insured? Don’t panic! If possible, try to negotiate with the movers and see if you can get your money back and find new movers. It might seem like you’re saving money by hiring  uninsured movers, but, there are so many "what if’s" that could happen. You want to make sure you’re protecting yourself. Not only that, but there is the possible legal issues with uninsured piano movers.

Atlanta piano movers are always safe and cautious. My piano came in mint condition and the movers were completely professional about everything! Now, the piano entertains the entire family and is a perfect piece in the home!

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