Yamaha Piano Buyers Beware Of Dangerous Private Sales

When you purchase your Yamaha piano, there are really just two options. First, you can head to your local piano dealer like Cooper Music, an established business with a long record of serving clients in the Atlanta area. Or, you canprivate sale opt for a private sale, answering a classified ad or trusting an unknown dealer from the Internet. Which one sounds safer and more reliable?

Musicians should be wary of any private piano for sale, dealing with an unknown seller in an unknown location. These can lead to dangerous situations that put you, your family and your investment at risk. There are several hidden dangers with private sales of Yamaha pianos.

First, there is the risk that what you think you’re buying isn’t what you’re actually getting. A private seller is under no obligation to provide a quality product to you or represent a piano accurately and fairly. Quite honestly, they have no motivation to do so since private sales aren’t regulated. You could end up with a low quality piano or one with unforeseen damage. Now, you’re out yamaha pianothe initial cost of this worthless piano and you still need to buy a piano.

Another risk is getting to the transaction itself. Private sales often take you to neighborhoods you aren’t familiar with and to unsafe areas of town. You put yourself and your safety at risk by traveling into these unknown areas just to find a good deal on a Yamaha grand piano.

You also must consider your safety around the piano "dealer" as well. This person is a stranger to you. The only thing you know is that the dealer said he has a piano for sale. It could be someone looking to take advantage of you, rob you or worse. Several recent high profile cases involve predators luring victims to secluded areas through online classified ads.

A private sale of a Yamaha piano may seem attractive or like a good deal. But make sure to consider the non-monetary risks you take and the danger you put yourself in by engaging in business with unknown people. Choose to buy your piano safely and from a reputable dealer who has your interests in mind.



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