Yamaha Keyboards: The Differences Between Each Model

Yamaha has been around for multiple centuries and it is one of the most sought after brands Yamaha Keyboardswhen it comes to keyboards. Distinguished musicians and music lovers use Yamaha keyboards and digital pianos because each model has plenty to offer, such as amazing tones, different amount of keys, recording capability, and many more. I bought a Yamaha keyboard for one of my children because it suited his style, as he preferred a smaller unit than a conventional piano. Keyboards are reasonably priced and ideal for those who want to learn how to play piano. Below, I have listed models available from Yamaha:

– Motif 6

– Motif 7

– Motif ES6

– Motif ES7

– PSR 172

– PSR 350

– PSR 550


Various Models and Series

The above are just a few models and series that are available from Yamaha keyboards. There are many others, but I decided that it would suffice to mention just a few, as it can be rather confusing if I listed more models and series. People who are interested in buying a Yamaha keyboard need to establish their needs prior to buying one. When I bought a keyboard, I first went through a long list of lower to exclusive models and series.

Lower, Middle and High-End Models/Series

The PSR Yamaha keyboards mentioned above are known as the middle range series, whereas the DJX is the lower range. I spoke to a friend last week and since he was prepared to spend money on a digital piano, I advised him to purchase one of the keyboards from the Motif series, as it is the exclusive line from Yamaha. If you are not prepared to spend more than you can afford, you should consider these keyboards:

– YDP 223

– YDP 113

– P 120

A few well-known electronic keyboards that I would advise you to consider include:

– DGX 500

– DGX 300

– DGX 202

Below are a few recent models from Yamaha:

Yamaha YDP 142digital pianos

This is a replacement of the well-known YDP 141 and it will be launched in 2013. You will find this in two finishes – Rosewood and Black Walnut. Black has always been a favorite color for pianos, which is why Yamaha has made the decision produce the YDP 142 in these colors. I find the new features such as the PureCF Sound Engine, 128 note polyphony, Acoustic Optimizer, and Damper Resonance to be very useful. I would not be surprised if this particular model will become people’s favorite musical instruments.

Yamaha DGX 640

This keyboard is a portable grand piano. You will find weighted keys – Graded Hammer Standard and a selection of piano voices. It is easy to choose a sound on this keyboard. All you need to do is to key in the number and you will obtain the sound. The built-in recorder is excellent for recording performances or practices. I believe the DGX 640 is produced to replace the old YPG 635 and with additional features, such as the Yamaha Education Suite, USB connectivity, expanded DSP effects, new styles, voices, and four registration pads, I cannot see anyone going wrong with this unit.

These keyboards are ideal for beginners and advance students. I would recommend that you test a few models before you buy one, as this will help you establish the right type of keyboard for your needs.   




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