Yamaha Digital Pianos Come In A Wide Range Of Prices

Quality Pianos

Are you a fan of classical music? Have you ever considered buying your own piano? For anyone who is a novice or professional pianist, look no further than Yamaha Digital Pianos. The Yamaha Digital Piano Collection has a wide range of prices and sizes to choose from, each adding its own splendor of classic design, style and quality. Cooper Music has some ofdigital-pianos the best Yamaha Digital Pianos in the business, all available at a different price value. 

Digital Yamahas

The Avant Grand digital piano is the latest in technology from Yamaha. This grand piano has spacial acoustic sampling, with samples of the actual vibrations inside the soundboard. The Avant Grand is engineered with the sounds of a grand piano in four different locations; left, right, center & rear, giving you the same quality sound you would get from a grand piano used in a concert hall.  The four channel multi-speakers add to the illustrious texture of the sound, each speaker with its own amplifier filtering out the elements in each sound. The samples were carefully chosen from Yamaha’s CFIIIS full concert grand piano. The Avant Grand’s Tactile Response System replicates the bass range and reverberates sound through the piano with two transducers in the soundboard.

If you want a compact digital piano, the Modus Yamaha is the perfect size and style for the novice piano player. This 88-note Natural Wood Keyboard offers you the quality of a grand piano, three-level AWM tone generation and 64-note polyphony. The Modus also features; USB port for playback used with Thumb Drive and built-in 40 watt X2 sound system, sure to provide you with the best sound quality available. 

In Stock Yamaha

Yamaha Arius YDP-C71PE not only looks great, but it plays like a dream. This digital Yamahayamaha-digital-piano has a natural tone & touch, the ideal piano for any home. Arius features 3-level AWM Dynamic Stereo Sampling, used for producing sounds which are authentic and natural to the pianist. You can control the pitch of your sounds by using a half-damper effect on the pedal. This piano has a classic look with its luxurious polished ebony finish, sure to look great in your living room. Get the most effect from the Yamaha Arius with its Dual Voice feature, which allows you to hear two different instrument sounds played at once. The Arius 2-Track song recorder is great for hearing your recording played during practice or mastering a difficult note. 

If you are searching for the best in digital pianos, Yamaha Digital Pianos are the best in quality, sound and style. These digital pianos can be purchased using Cooper Music Superstore. Shop online at www.coopermusic.com to find the best digital pianos from Yamaha, and to inquire about a piano you had your eye on purchasing. Cooper Music Superstore can also be reached at (404) 329-1027 if you want more information on a specific model. These digital pianos are great for novice and professional players alike. They would also be good for the household of an aspiring musician.

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