Yamaha Digital Piano, Providing Quality For A Reasonable Price

There are a number of reasons to choose a Yamaha digital piano over a conventional acoustic piano for your home. The Yamaha Corporation has been one of the world’s most trusted manufacturers of musical instruments for over a century, and the company has maintained its expertise with piano manufacture since its founding. Yamaha electronic musical instruments are widely respected throughout the industry, and with good reason. A Yamaha digital piano produces authentic, rich tones and offers the sort of precise tactile response that musicians accustomed to acoustic pianos expect from their instruments.

yamaha digital pianos

Why Go Digital?

We have a stunning selection of Yamaha digital pianos for your family to choose from; the elegant designs evoke the image of a graceful upright piano or a luxurious grand, but carry a much less intimidating price tag. Lacking a metal harp full of strings, digital pianos are less heavy and cumbersome to move, which is an advantage if your family relocates often or if you want to have the flexibility to rearrange the piano’s position in your home. Without strings, a digital piano never needs tuning, and will always provide the same reliable, authentic sound regardless of the weather or the time since it was last played. With the variety of technological features unavailable in conventional acoustic pianos, a Yamaha digital piano is an ideal instrument for composition work and for practice for new piano students.

Inside a Yamaha Digital Piano

You might wonder how a digital piano, which replaces the strings and hammers of the traditional instrument with digital recordings, can produce the sort of resonant, authentic sound that a musician requires. To understand this, take the case of the Avantgrand by Yamaha. The construction of this elegant instrument began with extensive and carefully-selected sampling of Yamaha’s CFIIIS full concert grand piano. As the instrument was sampled, recordings were taken from four points deep within the piano, on the right and left, center, and rear. These positions correspond precisely with the orientation of the four speakers found under the lid of the Avantgrand, each of which is equipped with its own dedicated amplifier to reduce interference and bring out the subtle nuances of each sound. As the speakers are carefully aligned in the same positions from which the original samples were taken, the sound of the Avantgrand is all the more authentic when played. It also has a soundboard resonator for more realistic vibration and sound response.

The full natural wood keyboard and three specialized pedals of a Yamaha digital keyboard are digital pianosdesigned to give the musician a fully authentic experience during play. The keys are carefully weighted, allowing the musician to vary the sound of each note on the basis of the firmness and length of each touch of a key, just as an acoustic piano would respond. The Damper, Soft, and Sostenuto pedals are very responsive, with varying firmness at different stages when the pedal is depressed, just as a pianist would expect. Our digital pianos are designed to accommodate different musical temperaments as needed.

Digital Pianos in Your Home

In a home with young children or pets, or a novice piano learner, it can be worrisome to bring a very expensive new musical instrument into the home. Digital pianos are significantly less expensive than their acoustic counterparts while offering an exceptional quality of sound without nearly as daunting an investment. Humidity and temperature can affect both the sound and the condition of an acoustic piano, which is a significant concern for musicians in areas that experience particularly warm or wet parts of the year. The sound of a Yamaha digital piano is not vulnerable to the vagaries of climate, making it more reliable and easier to maintain. Unlike acoustic models, many of our Yamaha digital pianos come equipped with USB ports allowing playback from a thumb drive. Come down and take a look at our beautiful selection of quality digital pianos!

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