Why Used Pianos Are Great For First Time Owners

My eldest niece loves trying out new things and every time she is interested in a particular used pianohobby or sport, her parents will support her in every way they can. Last year, they told me that my niece was interested in learning how to play the piano and after she attended three lessons, she knew it was something she wanted to do for the rest of her life. Since they did not own a piano at that time, I advised my brother to purchase a used piano for his daughter. I informed him that there were many benefits to used pianos. I would advise beginners to purchase a used unit for their home for these reasons:

Lower Upfront Cost

To buy a secondhand unit means that you do not have to pay a huge deposit. Secondhand units are affordable to a point that many households have the means to purchase them.

Wide Varieties

You can find used pianos in all sizes, shapes, and styles. In fact, you will have many choices when it comes to cabinetry and finishes. Secondhand units that are sold in various musical instrument stores are in exceptional shape, because no long standing store owner would sell beat-up or worn-out used units.

Easy to Find

Used pianos are easy to find – you can find them on the Internet, in local musical instrument stores, from individual sellers, from bulletin boards, and many others.

Aesthetic Value and Conditions

From what I have observed, a large number of restorers refurbish pianos to a point that they can compete with brand new units. Restorers take their time to ensure that the units are restored perfectly and any tuning needed is done in a succinct manner to make sure the pianos produce beautiful sounds.

I would recommend that you bring someone who has manifold experiences with pianos to look at the used units that you are interested in buying. He or she can be a pianist, a RPT(Registered Piano Technician), or a friend who is able to tell the difference between an excellent used piano and a mediocre unit. By bringing someone with you, you are able to hear his or her opinions aside from the salesperson. The RPT can judge the condition

Before you buy used pianos, you should find out the following first:

• Why Did the Owner Sell His or Her Pianoused pianos

I can tell you there are plenty of reasons why people choose to sell their precious units. It could be that the owner is in need of urgent cash or is moving to another country or state. Whatever the reasons are, you should not buy one that will burn a hole in your pocket. Ask the seller or owner as to why the used units are being sold. If he or she claims that the unit is taking a lot of space in the house, there is a chance that the piano has not been well taken care of. The unit could have been used as a decoration, which means if you decide to buy it, you might have to spend a lot of money to evaluate the condition of the piano and to tune it.

• Frequency of Piano Tuning 

Find out how often the owners tune the musical instrument. Pianos need to be tuned twice a year, at the very least. If the piano has been in possession for more than five years, but has been tuned less than four times within that period, you should be prepared to spend additional money on special tunings and other services. When buying a piano that is out of tune, I would tell people to purchase it at their own risk. I can assure you that there will often be plenty of money involved.

• The Owners

Find out how many owners have used the units. If there are too many, you need to ensure that the used pianos are worth purchasing first. Also, don’t forget the moving fee for professional piano movers. Not just any mover.   




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