Where to Look for Used Pianos

used pianos

Music is a great way to express myself.  Whether playing an instrument or singing, music adds beauty to life. I feel that being able to play the piano is an amazing talent.  Making that purchase was the next logical step for me.

Pianos are expensive and when we bought our piano we looked at it as an investment in our children. Not only could I play it but as my children grew up they too could benefit from playing piano.

Deciding whether or not we wanted to purchase a new piano or a used one was our  first decision.  After looking at prices we decided that for now we would look at used pianos.

But just because we chose to buy a used piano didn’t mean that we wanted quality to suffer. We still wanted a good used piano. A great used piano if we could find one.

I’ve included a list of some of the places we started  looking-

pianos1. The Classifieds-
This is probably the first place most people would start looking for used pianos. Picking up their local paper and turning to the ‘musical instruments for sale’ section.

2. CraigsList-
Craigslist is almost the same as looking in the classifieds for used pianos. The difference here is that because it is online you may end up finding one that sounds great but ends up being hours and hours away.

3. Estate Sales-
Most times estate sales are because of  death of a parent or grandparent who owned a beautiful piano but none of the remaining family members want it or else they don’t know how to play, making it useless to them. Great pianos are found at estate sales.

4. Reputable Piano Dealers-
These piano dealers can be a good resource too. They may know of pianos for sale. They may have some for sale that they have rebuilt. The price of a rebuilt is usually cheaper than a new piano and if you find a piano from a good manufacturer, buying used pianos in this scenario could be a great investment due to the increasing value of these.

5.-Piano & Music Store-

This ended up being where we chose our piano from.  The people at music stores are not only kind and helpful, which is good, but they know their stuff. This is their specialty.  So if you are looking for used pianos, my suggestion would be to purchase from a reputable music store.

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