When Buying Pianos in Atlanta, Purchase From A Reputable Dealer

It can be hard to know where to buy a piano from. Unless you are a piano technician, thepianos Atlanta nuances of purchasing a piano can be overwhelming- Do you want new or used? Grand, Upright, or Digital Piano? How often should you tune and by whom? Where should you keep your piano?

If you are looking to buy pianos Atlanta, you need to go to a reputable, reliable piano dealer who can help you answer your questions and give you an affordable rate on a piano that is in mint condition and can be played for years and years. Cooper’s pianos knows pianos Atlanta, and works to give you the very best of what you need. Here is some information you should have before you step into a piano Atlanta retailer, such as Cooper’s. 

There are several types of pianos, depending on your price point, your space considerations, and what you are using the piano for. The most well known type is a grand piano. These large, horizontally based instruments, are ideal for performing in a venue, because their acoustics are incredibly resonant (and they happen to be attractive instruments). Grands and baby grands tend to be on the pricier side, and take up a substantial amount of space in a room. Going to a reliable dealer of pianos Atlanta allows you to take a look at the instrument ahead of time, before you invest substantial money in a piece that might not be up to snuff. 

For smaller rooms, an upright piano may be more preferable. Upright, or vertical pianos, have a vertical frame and string set, allowing their tallness to overtake any horizontal space considerations- they can be pushed against walls, taking up less space. As a result, though, they have a little less resonance and make it hard to see the performer, making them great for practice pianos for students, young and old, and performers in rehearsal. Upright pianos also involve spring loaded hammers, meaning there is a little more maintenance to worry about over time. 

Digital pianos are a slightly different animal. Great for beginners and for students who are taking lessons for the first time, digital pianos allow you to practice at a quarter of the price. They are compact, using a MIDI system to register sound rather than strings. Most have headphone jacks (if you do not want to disturb those you live with), as well as the standard 88 keys and pedal so you can replicate the actual piano feel. Digital pianos are also lower maintenance (not requiring tuning and the like) and some are portable, but they do not perfectly mimic the actions of an acoustic piano, so the switch can be disorienting for some students.piano dealers

Knowing your budget constraints is essential when you go to buy pianos Atlanta, at an authorized retailer. If you can splurge on a brand new piano in any variety, you need not worry. For most students and parents, though, there is some kind of fiscal constraint. Beyond the one time purchase of the piano, there is the consideration of moving the instrument, maintaining the hammers, tuning the strings, and refurbishing the outside (if that is necessary).

Buying a brand spanking new piano is not the best option for everyone. Some newcomers to piano, or people who may make Atlanta only their temporary home, would do better to pursue other options. Used pianos at Cooper’s and similar shops are still in perfect condition, with limited wear and tear and substantially lower price tag.

If buying a used grand, upright, or digital piano still seems to be too large of a commitment, or if you are unsure how long you are going to stick with the piano, renting is another option. Piano rentals go by a number of different scales, and vary widely in agreement. You can either rent in-store, saving you space, or in-home, giving a temporary setup.


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