Whats New In The Piano Showroom

Piano manufacturers are constantly designing and producing new pianos and keyboards. Every Piano Showroomyear, I look forward to the very latest designs and features presented on the new models, and most of the time; I am never disappointed with the choices that are available. Let’s have a look at what is new in the piano showroom currently:

Digital Pianos

Yamaha, Korg, and Casio have recently produced digital pianos that are priced below $1,000. These are digital piano models that offer 88 weighted keys. If you are looking to purchase an affordable digital piano, you will surely not be disappointed with the various impressive alternatives below, which can certainly offer any piano player an exceptionally gratifying piano playing experience.

In addition, these digital pianos are remarkable to the point that they produce an extremely good quality and exclusive sound, and they can be much more enjoyable for players who have higher playing skill levels. These improved digital pianos sound a lot more like acoustic pianos too.

Yamaha Digital Pianos

In the piano showroom, you will find all the six latest models from the well known brand, Yamaha. These new models are the P35, P105, DGX640, YDPS31, P155, and YDP135R. The Yamaha P35 is relatively basic and uses a lower quality key action, pedal system, piano sound chip, and speaker system. Nonetheless, it can be more than satisfactory depending on your budget and musical needs. The YDPS31 is akin to the YDP135R except that it comes in a compact cabinet. Keep in mind that while the P155 is priced below $1,000, it does not come with pedals, a bench or a stand.

Korg Digital Pianos

Not many piano showrooms carry the Korg digital piano brand, but it does not hurt to find out what sort of instruments they have to offer the music market. Currently, this brand has two models that are available at less than $1,000 per unit – the SP170S and the SP280. According to the reviews that I read until now, not many people are very impressed with the SP170S model, mainly due to its velocity sound response, key action, and dynamics.

These features are actually the most essential ones to consider when you are considering a digital piano. Other players have stated that they do not like the sound selection system and the cabinet (as it looks extremely artificial or looks like plastic compared to other brands). The SP280 is the substitute for the older version, the SP250, and is a lot better. It comes with an upgraded speaker system and a newer key action.

Casio Digital Pianosyamaha digital pianos

Casio offers seven new models that are truly within your means and are available for under $1,000. The new models are as follows:

– Basic CDP120

– The Privia PX150

– PX350

– PX750 (compact cabinet model)

– PX780 (compact cabinet model)

– AP250 (full size cabinet model)

– PX5S (new Pro Digital Stage Piano) – this particular model has no built-in speakers and is mainly for players who perform in a church, on stage, in a studio, school plays, etc. If you choose to purchase this model, you will have to use your own speakers or powered monitors. Nonetheless, it has more flexibility in terms of sound and live instrument effects that offer controlling abilities.

As previously mentioned, not all piano showrooms carry these brands. My piano showroom carries a wide selection of Yamaha digital pianos, but if you are looking to obtain any of the aforementioned models (aside from Yamaha), it is best that you conduct as much online research as you can with reference to these brands and the various piano dealers that might carry these brands. Furthermore, try to read as many reviews as you can, because they can assist you in making the most accurate decision.


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