What To Look For In A Piano Store

piano storeWhat makes the piano so special? 
    Throughout the ages, music has enhanced mankind’s quality of life; and no instrument has produced more beautiful music than the piano. 500 years ago, Queen Elizabeth I took pride in her mastery of the piano’s forerunner, the virginals; in the 18th and 19th centuries masters Mozart, Bach, Brahms, Beethoven and Lizst stunned audiences with music that still resonates today. There are other instruments that also have iconic status; the violin, the trumpet, the saxophone to name a few, but the piano is unique and stands alone atop the orchestra. Learning to play the piano will bring joy and beauty to your life, and is something that you can continue to do throughout your entire life. Few accomplishments have the capability to transition from youth to old age as well as does playing the piano.

grand pianoFinding the right piano store if you are interested in learning how to play:

  • The Tangibles:
  • Look for a piano store that understands buying a piano is a once in a lifetime commitment. Piano stores should offer the option to rent a piano without any long term commitment from the customer.
  • Also look for a piano store that offers music lessons or can offer contact information on good teachers in your area.
  • Try out different type of pianos, uprights, digitals, baby grands or grand piano (space in your home permitting)
  • The Intangibles:   Find a store where the staff is dedicated to bringing the joy of learning to play the piano to its customers, not focused on selling instruments. Stores that put the sale ahead of the needs of their customers do a disservice to their customers.  The staff should be deeply invested in the value of music and how it enhances the quality of life!

Piano storesWhen you are ready to buy a piano
When you have made the decision to invest in a piano, make sure your store offers quality tuning services, or can provide contact information of a reputable tuner. Also important is a piano moving service if you anticipate a move in the future. 

Learning to play the piano is profoundly rewarding; make your investment decision to invest in a piano is more enjoyable by selecting a piano store that believes in the value of what they do, and you will give yourself the sweet gift of music!


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