What To Do When Looking For a Piano Rental

pianoPianos are one of the oldest musical instruments. They are a  very majestic instrument when maintained properly. More people are becoming interested in learning to play the piano than ever before. Perhaps the state of the economy has people looking for entertainment closer to home. There are many choices when searching for a piano, purchase a new one, purchase a used one or look for a piano rental company and rent one.

The ability to play the piano not only gives the person playing enjoyment but the rest of the family as well.
When my family decided they wanted to get started on piano lessons the question we had next was who will teach us?  We preferred to find a piano teacher who could come to our home to give us lessons. That way we could all benefit from the teacher.

Our desire to learn to play the piano came first, then we searched for a teacher. But there was still one problem, we did not have a piano!  I realize most people don’t do things in this order but we did. We were just so excited about learning to play the piano that we didn’t take time to find one first.

Piano RentalWe then had to decide what we would do. We didn’t know if we should buy a piano on impulse just to get one in time for our lessons to start, or slow things down and take our time looking for just the right one. The kids and I didn’t want to wait, so that meant we needed to find one quickly.  I didn’t want to pick up someones used piano.  We wanted to start out right and not buy someone elses problems.

It was at this time that a friend told me about a piano rental. I guess I had never considered renting a piano before. But this would give us the time to search for just the right piano, but still be able to start our lessons right away.

My friend was very instrumental in helping me find the right music store who specialized in not only piano sales but piano rentals as well.  We had the best customer service and were very satisfied with the entire transaction. The best thing about going with the piano rental through the music store was that they will help us find just the right piano for our family when we are ready to purchase one.


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