What Should I Look For In A Piano Rental?

Last year, my 7 year old son suddenly developed a love for piano, because that our lives were  Piano Rentalon stand still because he insisted on having one at home. I didn’t want to dismiss him because he may have stuck to it and may have ended up being something good for him. However, a piano is not something that you buy just because your child asks for it. A new piano couldn’t fit in my budget that month or that whole year for that matter.

My friend told me about renting one and with a little research on the internet I got to know that there are companies who actually rent out pianos. These seemed like a very lucrative option as for one I dint have money to buy a new one and secondly I wasn’t even sure how long he would have played before he moved on to wanting something else. In the event you are in the same position I was, or whether you want to try out a piano for yourself, there are few factors that stand to be considered when looking for a piano rental.

1.       Rental period– You have to be clear on the length of time you need the piano, some company mainly lease of for 6 to 24 months. When you rent for a longer period you will also get better deals when it comes to the piano rental prices. You also have the option of renting it by the month, however take time to find out how long you are required to rent before you sign a contract.

2.       Maintenance– Take time to ask know what happens in terms of maintain your piano rental. What happens of it breaks down while in your possession, who tunes it and who covers all the expenses. Some companies will handle all the maintenance services for you at a constant monthly fee or as an after sale/rent service.

3.       Reputation– Take some time to find out about the company you plan to rent from, read ahead on their reviews and testimonials. This will give you info on the quality of services and the state of the piano itself.

4.       Size and Condition – Rental piano may not be in the best state because in years they are moved from one home to the other. Look for a piano that is in good condition to assure that you don’t have to call the maintenance people over and over again. This can simply be done by having the piano fully accessed before it’s brought to you. Considering on the purpose of the piano and the size of your home, look at different sizes and get one that will suit your needs.

5.       PricesPiano rental prices differ from one company to the other; however the main grand pianodeterminant for the set prices of any piano is the value and quality. Some companies will also make a free delivery to your home after you order. A beforehand research is however encouraged to find some of the best rates in your area.

6.       Guarantee – Because of the uncertainty in quality, assure that you only rent from a company that fully guarantees their rental piano. A piano in good quality is easy to learn and practice on.

Renting a piano is also very easy and you can have yours delivered to your doorstep in one day. If you are renting for your child as I did, make sure that you take them to the store to test it out. This will save you from renting a piano that they won’t end up playing. You can also consult your piano teacher on the best piano rental for you. As in everything else to get the best piano rental deal, all you have to do is invest sometime in research before making a financial commitment.

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