What Makes one Piano More Expensive than Another?

What Makes one Piano More Expensive than Another

When considering the question of what makes one piano more expensive than another, the answer is: It depends. For anyone considering buying a piano for sale, it is important to realize that there are several things to consider when answering this question. I will cover the areas I feel are the most important with one goal in mind-to make your buying process an easy one. Let’s take a look at these areas:

    • The preference of the salesperson. Whether they are aware of it or not, some sales reps may have a hidden bias toward one style or model. This alone can make one piano more expensive than another. My advice to you here is simple: the best antidote to outside influence is to do your own research before you buy. If you know what you want, you will be far less vulnerable to being talked into something you really don’t want.

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    • Old vs New. As mentioned above, this is another area where research is invaluable. The era a piano was made in could possible make it more expensive-but it depends. Every time period produced good and bad pianos. If you have a degree of familiarity with this topic, you will not fall into either the “30 years ago they didn’t know how to make pianos” or “a 19th century restored piano has to keep growing in value.” Neither of these extreme viewpoints are true.

    • Style: Upright vs Grand or Baby Grand. Grands and Baby grands are usually more expensive than Uprights. Additionally, many feel that the longer strings of grands make for fuller tones, have superior pedals and a polymer finish that protects the piano more than an upright. But they are harder to move than an upright and take up more space. Also, some believe that high-quality uprights sound better with age. When evaluating the price differences, take these factors into consideration and decide what meets your individual needs.

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  • Sound. This may be somewhat subjective. But the way a certain piano sounds can be considered when determining cost. To put it simply: some pianos have a certain sound to them that just hits home. Since you will own it, listen-really listen-to your final choices. Then make your decision.

Remember, when buying a piano, don’t be obsessed with resale value. Rather, consider the lifetime of enjoyment and pleasure you will receive from it-and have fun!


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