What Makes A Digital Piano Right For You?

When you are considering the purchase of a digital piano, you might wonder if it is going to be digital pianosa wise choice. Often, I have customers wondering if digital pianos are a good musical instrument or if they are simply a pricey toy to own. Others end up wondering if they should just stick to acoustic pianos.

Digital Pianos vs. Acoustic Pianos

I am always direct with my customers because I believe that as piano dealer, I should be honest with my opinions. Therefore, when people ask me about digital pianos, my answers are always as follows:

Digital pianos may actually be a better choice for many people and this is especially true if you are making a comparison between them and new or secondhand acoustic pianos that are within the same price range. You may be wondering, why is that so? Well, a quality digital piano may fundamentally have a better piano touch and tone compared to a low quality brand new acoustic piano or a secondhand unit that is in pitiable condition. However, bear in mind that I am talking about good quality digital pianos here.

Students Get Better with Digital Pianos

Believe it or not, students can actually get better by playing digital pianos. Let’s take my friend’s experience as an example. His student, a talented 12-year-old girl was sent to him to learn how to play the piano. Her playing was very grandiloquent and one dimensional, and for numerous lessons, he worked on developing her piano touch, among many other things, but she failed to get it right. He asked her parents about her practice habits and he eventually found out that she practiced regularly on an old-fashioned and poor conditioned spinet.

Upon hearing the news, he instantaneously abandoned the progress of touch, as the spinet was inept of delivering a good touch response. The reason for this is that people learn to play the piano that they practice on frequently, and not the one they take lessons on. A few months later, the student’s parents bought a high quality digital piano for her. The interesting part of the story is that she started to play a lot better. She learnt to play with erudition and vivacity. Good quality digital pianos have a better touch and tone response than any old spinets and for this reason, my friend’s student improved herself brilliantly.

What Makes Digital Pianos Right for You

What other reasons favor the buying of this type of musical instrument? Let me begin with the fact that they have numerous sounds besides pianos, many of which are fun and practical. As an example, the famous composer, J.S. Bach wrote a majority of his pieces for harpsichord and most digital pianos offer this sound, which allows you to listen to the music in the way that it is meant to be heard.piano teacher

A large number of digital pianos contain built-in metronomes. In order to expand your steady sense of time, a piano teacher will recommend that you practice with a metronome. This feature means that you have one less item to buy. In addition, the built-in recorder is a useful tool for recording your practices. It allows you to evaluate your practices and improve on what is needed. You will find that a high quality digital piano has built-in USB or CD recorders that greatly expand your recording and playback capability.  

Increases Your Privacy

A huge attraction to this musical instrument is your ability to plug in a pair of headphones for privacy purposes. It allows you to steer clear of other people in your vicinity. You do not have to worry about noises coming from different areas of your house and your family certainly does not have to listen to your practices for the umpteenth time!

Therefore, do you think buying a digital piano is a good idea? 


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