What Is Spec Blindness? How to avoid it.

How Do You Avoid Spec Blindness In A New Piano?

There are quite a few pianos on the market you may purchase, and each of them has its own specifications. You may read about specs every day for months without making a purchase, and you may become blind to the specs when you see the piano in-person. The pianos you purchase may be quite beautiful, and it is impossible for you to choose a piano based solely on its beauty. The instruments are lovely, but they have specifications you must consider. This article explains how you may look to the specs even when faced with a piano that is aesthetically-pleasing.

#1: You Deserve A Beautiful Piano

The first step in avoiding spec blindness is understanding that pianos are all quite lovely in their own way. No piano maker in the world today creates a piano they believe to be ugly, and each piano has a bit of charm you will quite enjoy if you look closely. You will do well to look over every piano before making a purchase, and you will feel comfortable with the instrument because you have chosen to see the beauty in the instrument.

#2: Beautiful Pianos Are Often Not What You Need

You may run across a grand piano that conjures images of a parlor where the piano sits in a soft spotlight, and you simply do not have that kind of room in your home. You will have a far easier time with a piano that is a bit smaller, or you may choose a piano that is shaped to fit your home. Grand pianos are not shaped the same, and you may select one that is not quite so long as the others. Checking the exact size of the instrument online is quite simple, and you may use the dimensions found online before buying.

#3: What Do You Need?

You may need a small studio piano that will fit in the corner of the room, and you must overlook certain pianos that are far too large. You may find a larger piano in a color and style you appreciate, and you will do well to ask for a smaller piano in the same style and color. You may order from the same company that offers the piano you love, and they will send a piano that is the proper size for your room. You get what you want, and you do not take on a piano that is simply too large for your home. You are wasting your time and energy if you are spending money on a piano that is not the proper size for the room.

#4: How Long Must You Search?

Spec blindness often occurs when you are searching for far too long. Searching for too long allows you an ample amount of time to look at beautiful pianos without considering the specifications of any instrument. You may go on social media where the pianos look lovely, and they will not give you what you need because they are simply beautiful. You may come to a point that you are simply looking at pianos that are beautiful, and you are wasting your time as you are not considering specifications whatsoever. You may purchase a piano that does nothing for you, and that may become quite a problem for you.

#5: Trusted Brands

You may trust quite a few brands that you know well, and you may avoid other brands that you have no information on. You will suffer from quite a lot of spec blindness when you are looking at the brands you trust while avoiding brands you do not know. You may find out quite a lot about a brand you are unfamiliar with, and you will become more comfortable with a brand that helps you get the proper piano for your needs.

There is nothing to say you cannot use your most-trusted brands. You may purchase from a brand you know, or you may find another brand to be far better. Your openness to other options will ensure you purchase the proper piano, and you will enjoy playing it for years to come. You may become a devotee of the brand, and you will use the brand far more often because of the experience you have with the piano you purchase today.

#6: Looking For Extras

There are several extras you may have on your piano, and it is important you look past extras when you are shopping. You may have any piano outfitted with something special, but you cannot purchase a piano you will enjoy playing based on the extras alone. You will have a better shopping trip if you have spent time looking for a piano that is exciting to play.

Pianos such as Bosendorfers with extra keys are a special circumstance, and you cannot get tied up on a piano like that if you cannot find one you enjoy. The brand simply may not be all that much fun to play, and you will find it much simpler to play when you have moved on to a piano that feels good under your fingers.

The specs for your piano must satisfy you, but they are not the only thing. You may purchase a fantastic piano that has lovely specifications, and it will play well at the same time. You cannot buy only for beauty, and you cannot buy simply because a piano looks impressive. Buy your next piano because it feels like it is the right one for you.

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