What Features To Look For In Piano Dealers

When you plan to buy a piano from a dealer, it is important that you find one that has pianohigh-quality traits. The last thing that you want is to buy a musical instrument from an unfriendly or unreliable dealer who does not know much about the instrument. Here are several features you should look for before approaching piano dealers:  

Know Everything There is to Know about Pianos and Keyboards

Piano dealers should know everything about pianos and keyboards. They should be aware of the latest models and series, as well as the latest brands on the market. I do not think a dealer who does not know the difference between an upright and a grand piano is going to gain any customer’s trust, let alone be able to offer his opinion on which piano to buy.

Dealers should know the history of pianos and manufacturers especially the ones that they carry in their stores. I would be utterly embarrassed if a customer asked numerous things about Steinway or Baldwin and I am not able to answer any of their questions. Thus, if you find a dealer that can answer every question that you have about any type of piano that you are interested in, then you certainly have a winner. I think it should be understood that the dealer should know how to play the piano too!

Friendly and Have Good Customer Service

When I was younger, I followed a friend to go shopping for a piano. In her town, there were about three piano dealers and we visited all of them. It was very sad to witness how unfriendly some of the dealers and their staff members were. I was glad that my company thrives on friendliness and good customer services.

I believe it is extremely important for piano dealers to be friendly, as it makes it easy for customers to ask questions and ask for opinions concerning pianos and keyboards. Furthermore, their staff members should be able to smile and provide the best customer service as well, so that customers feel comfortable and at home when they are browsing through all the musical instruments. Treating customers like they are family always seem to be very effective.

Offer a Wide Variety of Pianos and Keyboardspiano dealers

Would you be able to shop in a store that offers three or four different pianos? I know I would not be able tom, because the assortment is too limited. Reputable piano dealers know how important it is for people to browse several different brands, types and finishes of musical instruments. A good piano dealer does not necessarily need to have all the best brands in his store. It is enough to have an extensive collection that is affordable, superior quality pianos that can last a lifetime.

Provide Experienced Piano Movers

Piano dealers should have their own piano movers or at least, know a few experienced and reputable piano moving companies. I would advise against finding your own piano moving company unless you can get a recommendation from trusted people or professionals. Moving a piano is not the same as moving your household items. It takes a few skilled and knowledgeable people to move the instrument. Moreover, there are specialized tools and equipment that they need to use to successfully move any piano.

When you make the decision to buy a piano, it is advisable that you buy it from a piano dealer that is able to provide you much more than just buying advice.     

Have you dealt with unfriendly piano dealers before? If yes, what was your experience like and did you purchase anything from them? 

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