What Baby Grand Piano Should I Buy?


Baby grand pianos are a popular choice for individuals who want the look and sound of a grand piano without utilizing a huge amount of space. Additionally, it is also affordable to own a baby grand piano. Before you purchase one, you need to know what to look for in this piano type.

Purchasing a Baby Grand Piano

Purchasing this piano type is akin to buying a normal grand piano, but there are several differences. In addition, the online buying process is different than purchasing one from a local piano dealer. My tips may make your buying experience easier and may even help you choose the right baby grand piano.

Timbre of Baby Grand Piano

Each baby grand piano has its own “voice” and several factors that influence timbre are the length of the piano strings, soundboard, and quality of artisanship. For a piano to be categorized as a baby grand piano, it has to be less than 5’6” in length. You can also find a baby grand that is as small as 4’11”, and this is typically known as a petite baby grand.

Storage for Baby Grand Piano

In order to determine the right baby grand piano to buy, you need to ensure you have sufficient space in your house. As I previously mentioned, there are two types of baby grand. If your space is relatively small, the petite baby grand would be the best choice. On the other hand, the regular baby grand piano would suffice if your space is spacious.grand-pianos-30

Besides the measurement of space, you need to ensure the temperature is right. A house that does not have optimal air-conditioning or temperature control units should think about buying a dehumidifier for the area where the baby grand piano will be located. Bear in mind that dry air tends to help the instrument keep its tone longer.

Popular Baby Grand Piano Models

Steinway & Sons produce some of the best baby grand pianos. Their M series has a few popular types that many people find to be very reliable in terms of aesthetic and sound values. Yamaha’s Disklavier series are also sought-after by celebrities and pianists from all over the world. You can find numerous reviews online that can help you make the perfect choice.

Seek Professional Advice

If you drop by at any piano dealerships, the owners or representatives are always prepared to help you with your purchase. I advise that you ask a lot of questions about the model that you are interested in buying. If you are looking at a secondhand unit, ensure that you hire a RPT to test it. 


photo credit: keithr™ via photopin cc

 photo credit: keithr™ via photopin cc

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