Using Piano Moving Equipment To Avoid Accidents

piano movingPiano moving can be an extremely stressful experience. Pianos are not only worth a great deal of money, but they also fill our lives with beauty and hold sentimental value. While a typical moving company may be able to handle all of your other personal belongings, Piano moving should really only be completed by professional piano movers with the training and equipment necessary to handle your precious instrument with care.

No one will understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of your piano throughout the moving process like our professional piano movers. We are licensed, bonded, and utilize proper piano moving equipment in order to eliminate the potential for accidents that could cause harm to your instrument, yourself, or your movers. When it comes to piano moving, there is simply too much at risk to not utilize the pros.

Accidents Happen

We do not live in a perfect world and accidents happen every day. Our professional team is here to give you the peace of mind throughout the moving process that your piano will be handled with care and will arrive on the other end in mint condition. We are committed to protecting yourself and your instrument from the following potential piano moving accidents:

  • Piano Damage – Moving a piano is nothing like moving a couch or a TV. Pianos are extremely heavy – sometimes in excess of several hundred pounds in weight – and must be handled with a great deal of care and respect. The weight, and the somewhat awkward distribution of this weight, creates an abundance of potential for movers to drop your piano, or bump heavily against other surfaces which can cause damage to the soundboard. Without the help of professional piano movers, you are running the risk of damaging the beauty and structural components of your instrument permanently.
  • Personal Injury – Once again, the sheer size of each instrument makes piano moving extremely risky. By not enlisting the help of professional piano movers, you may find yourself on the receiving end of a worker’s compensation claim due to injuries caused during the move. Because a piano is not a typical piece of furniture, it may not be covered by the company’s insurance. There is also the potential for injury to yourself in the piano moving process. Should you decide to take this burden upon yourself, you may find that you get much more than what you bargained for. Trying to save money by moving your piano on your own is simply not worth the chance for severely hurting yourself, resulting in pain and huge medical bills.

Proper Equipment Matterspiano movers

Our team of professional piano movers will eliminate and avoid all potential for accidents with expert training and proper moving equipment. Ordinary movers do not have the precise equipment that is required to safely and securely move your instrument. We utilize a piano dolly, a humpstrap, and a piano belt to carefully transport your piano to your new location. Your instrument will be stored on a piano board for a smooth transition. You should never entrust your piano to any movers who do not use the specific equipment that is required for moving a piano.

We are also equipped with all of the proper insurances and bonding to give you peace of mind throughout the piano moving. process. There is simply no need to add any extra stress on top of the anxiety that comes with moving. Our insurance protects you and your instrument from damages to your piano or liability for injury.

Lastly we are fully equipped with the facilities to store your piano should you need to do so before the instrument can be transported to its new home. Our piano storage facilities are climate controlled to protect your piano. All pianos are carefully wrapped in blankets and stored on their sides on piano boards.

Are you prepared to do what it takes to protect your piano during your move?  

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