Used Pianos: Finding the Right One for Your Home

I always thought that the hardest part of taking up piano lessons would be to actually learn howused pianos to play this amazing musical instrument, but I was wrong. When the time arrived to start looking for my own piano, I found it extremely difficult to decide what to buy. I had so many options available to me, which was the main thing that I struggled with. I had an option to rent or buy a piano, and then I had to decide between new or used pianos as well.

Apart from deciding if I would buy or consider a rental piano, and having to choose between new or used pianos, I could not decide which brand, size or type of piano to go for. It was incredibly overwhelming to me and I knew I needed some expert help. After reading an online article concerning what type of piano would suit me best and what I had to do to ensure that I select the right one, I started getting a much better idea of how to approach this problem.

First, I asked advice from the experts

My music teacher and one of our local music stores were the first people I went to for assistance and advice. I knew that they had a lot more experience and knowledge than I did, so it was an easy choice to ask them what I should do. Seeing that I was still a novice at playing the piano, they both gave me the advice to buy or rent any one of the many used pianos that were on offer.

According to them, it is a much safer option, especially if I was not yet sure that playing the piano was something I was going to take especially serious, and wanted to do for the rest of my life. If I bought a new piano, it was obviously going to cost me a lot more and there are many quality used pianos available, which are perfect to start practicing on. Additionally, if I decided to stop playing the piano for some reason, I would not lose as much money as I would if I bought a brand new unit.

What size piano is ideal?

I was convinced that a used piano was the perfect option for me, but then I had to make sure that I bought the right size piano. Often, people buy a piano without taking the available space in their home into consideration, which is something I luckily did. I lived in a smaller townhouse, so my space was limited and I received the right advice from experts as well, so I was prepared.used piano

I measured the space I had available in my house and took the measurements with me when I went shopping for a used piano. This helped me to narrow down the type of used pianos that I could obtain, which made my search much easier.

Where did I find my first piano?

There are many different places a used piano can be bought, which include the Internet, classified advertisements in newspapers, music stores and through some music schools (College piano Sales) and teachers. I searched everywhere I possibly could and I found about three units that I was truly interested in. The best is to view each of them in person. I went to view and play each of them before I made a final decision, which helped me immensely. I found the Internet to be the easier and more convenient way to find quality used pianos. The variety offered online is huge in comparison as well. However, I didn’t feel comfortable not seeing it and having it inspected by a registered piano technician.

What I learned in the end was that it is always better to ask for advice and to learn from the individuals who have been in this business for many years. Finding quality used pianos was less of a struggle because of the help I received from the professionals.   



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