Understanding Accurate Piano Prices

When you choose to purchase a piano whether it’s for you child who is beginning piano Piano Priceslessons or a member of the family that is a seasoned piano player, you’ll enjoy your purchasing experience better if you have an understanding of piano pricing.

Piano prices are about the same as the pricing on any other item that you plan to purchase, a name brand piano is going to have a higher price than a piano that’s name is not as popular. As all pianos are made by only a few manufacturers the name on the piano is not really as important as some may think. A lesser known name piano can still be a quality made piano that produces music that is just a beautiful as a well known name piano.

The size is also a determining factor of piano prices, a baby grand piano can cost much more than an upright piano. Usually, the bigger the piano, the bigger the price of the piano. If it looks elegant and classy, it is probably going to have a higher price than a piano that is not as elegant.

The finish that is on a piano is also a determining factor in the price of a piano. The finish that is on a piano that was made this year will cost you more than the piano that has the best selling finish from last year. The finish that is on a piano is not going to  allow the piano to play any better or worse. Going with a piano that has the most wanted finish on it can cost your thousands of dollars more than going with a less popular finish.

You may be considering purchasing a used piano instead of a new piano. Choosing a used piano is certainly going to be less expensive that purchasing a piano that has never been owned by someone else. When purchasing a used piano, you only want to make sure that it is finely tuned so that it plays well and sounds great. The condition of the piano is more important than the age of the piano.upright piano

You will find that you can make a better deal purchasing your piano new or used if you don’t choose to shop for it during a peak time. Shop for your piano when the store is less crowded or better yet when no one else is in the store. Instead of shopping at mid morning or late afternoon, visit the piano store on your lunch break. Don’t piano shop during the Christmas holidays or at the start of the school year as salesman have a tendency to increase prices during these times.

When shopping for pianos, play the piano, each person has a different ear for music and each person may thing that a certain tone sounds better or worse to them. Find out how much tuning and repairs will cost for the piano that you purchase so you’ll know what to expect in the future.

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