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Always Try a Piano Before you Rent One

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Everyone knows the piano is an instrument that is every bit as beautiful as it is difficult to play. It takes years to learn how to play a piano well and a lifetime to master. It is an instrument that starts conversations with anyone in the room and will earn the respect of anyone who hears a pianist play. It teaches important life skills such as time management, commitment, patience, determination, and discipline. It makes excellent cross-training for people playing sports as it trains hand eye coordination and finger dexterity. Despite this, many people are simply too busy to justify investing in a piano purchase. Furthermore, people sometimes need a piano for a specific venue that doesn’t have one. Unlike smaller instruments, people cannot drag a piano to a location for a concert. Moments like this make sense for piano rentals. What are important tips for renting a piano? Like any other major purchase, trying the item before investing in it is important. Why should you try a piano before renting one? Check out our reasons below:


  • Make sure the piano is in tune


Like any other instrument, the piano needs to sound appropriate before putting money down for it. Showing up to play a piano that is out of tune will make all of your hard work go down the drain. It doesn’t matter if you’re a child learning scales or a virtuoso with a lifetime of experience. If a piano is out of tune it simply will sound bad. For this reason, make sure you try a piano before you rent it. If the piano is out of tune at the store it isn’t a big deal. Simply ask the owner to tune it before renting it or rent a different piano. Just don’t wind up surprised by an out of tune piano on the night of the event.


  • Make sure you’re comfortable with the keys


Piano rentals come in all shapes and sizes. From keyboards to uprights and all the way to baby grand and full grand pianos. Along with the size the keys also come in different shapes and sizes. Sometimes this isn’t intentional. Keys get worn down and chipped with years of use. The owner may tell you the piano simply has character. Character is fine, but you need to make sure the feel and texture of the keys is appropriate for your purposes. If you find your fingers are slipping and sliding off the keys perhaps a different piano is better.


  • Make sure the piano will fit the venue


Make sure to take stock of the size of the piano as well! If the piano won’t fit through the door or fit in the room with the rest of the venue you should select a different piano! Bring a tape measure just to be safe!


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