5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Used Piano

Buying a used piano is a great way to test the waters before investing in a new one. In fact,the quality of a well-made used piano that’s been maintained through the years can rival or even surpass a new model! Buying a piano of any type can be overwhelming.. We’ve compiled 5 questions to ask before making … Continued

How Weather Change Effects Your Piano

Have you noticed any changes in the sound of your piano over the years? Weather is an important aspect of care in the proper maintenance of a piano. Both weather and temperature can affect the tune and sound, as well as the actual construction of a piano. Indoor climates, which contain humidity, have the most noticeable effect, … Continued

What Is So Special About Upright Pianos

Among many piano owners, the common wisdom holds that grand pianos are ideal, and an upright piano is a concession to necessity rather than a preferred choice. This way of thinking neglects the unique virtues of upright pianos that make some music lovers actively seek them out for their homes. When you look at an … Continued

Used Pianos Need More Maintenance

Before you buy used pianos, there are several things you need to find out from the seller, such as: • Reasons for Selling the Piano There are many reasons why people sell their pianos. Whatever the reason is, it should not be one that will cost you money. If sellers claim that the used pianos … Continued

What Is Upright Piano Maintenance

Whether you’ve already invested in a piano, or you’re currently browsing the market for one, you’re no stranger to the fact that these instruments are pretty pricey. A piano is composed of thousands of delicate and tiny parts, and every single one of these parts has an important role. Some parts and hand crafted and, … Continued

Piano Tuning In Atlanta: What To Expect

What happened the last time you had a piano tuning in Atlanta? If you don’t remember, then you are like many people. However, knowing what to expect when you get your piano tuned will help you become a more educated pianist and piano owner. A registered piano technician (which is the only kind of piano … Continued

Grand Piano Tuning Schedule

When properly cared for, the music from your grand piano is a delight to your ears. It doesn’t take long however, before it starts to sound “off”. How often should you have your grand piano tuned? The answer varies depending on the conditions your piano is exposed to, and your personal preferences.

Atlanta Piano Movers And Your Choices

At Cooper Piano we are proud to serve our community as trusted Atlanta piano movers. When moving a piano there are certain things you will want assurance of before you trust someone to make the move.  Here are a few questions you’ll want answered before you hire a piano mover: Does the mover specialize in … Continued