Atlanta Piano Movers And Your Choices

At Cooper Piano we are proud to serve our community as trusted Atlanta piano movers. When moving a piano there are certain things you will want assurance of before you trustatlanta piano movers someone to make the move.  Here are a few questions you’ll want answered before you hire a piano mover:

  • Does the mover specialize in moving pianos? Finding a mover that specializes in piano moving is critical for the safety of the move. Moving a piano can be uniquely different than moving other furniture or household goods.
  • Is the mover licensed, bonded, and insured? You’ll want to make sure that any mover you hire has the proper credentials and licensing. This will help to ensure both the piano being moved and the properties it is being moved to/from in case of any damage.  You can also contact your homeowner’s insurance company to inquire about purchasing an additional rider on the piano to protect your investment during the move.
  • How will the piano be protected and secured during the move? The movers will need to ensure the lid is locked, any exposed moving parts are protected, the piano is properly wrapped and padded, and if water damage is a possibility the piano may also be wrapped in plastic.  Once the piano is on the moving truck the movers should be able to completely secure the piano, without damaging it, to ensure there climate controlwill be no movement on board.
  • Is the moving truck climate controlled? A piano should always be placed somewhere that isn’t susceptible to large shifts in temperature. Even small temperature changes can warp a piano.  Also, the movers shouldn’t place the piano near doors, windows, or heating ducts to protect from temperature shifts.  
  • Does the piano moving company provide piano tuning once the move is complete? Any move will affect the piano’s sound and it will need to be tuned once it arrives at its final destination.  If the movers are part of a larger piano company they will likely be able to provide piano tuning once the move is complete. 

Searching for Atlanta piano movers can be a confusing task, you want to ensure you are getting the best price possible and the most assurance your piano will be moved safely.  Make sure your questions are answered and you are confident the movers you’ve chosen are perfect for the job!  

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