How Playing Piano is Stress Re-leaving

What do you normally do after a long and stressful day at work? A number of people would probably choose to drink or sit semi-comatose in front of their plasma TV, while others may opt for the gym to de-stress.

Engaging The Body and Brain While Playing Piano

The benefits to music education cannot be denied and scientific research and personal testimonials prove this. Learning to play the piano provides children and adults alike the opportunity to develop a skill that will enrich their lives. Having a piano in the home will help flatten the learning curve and allow people to practice and … Continued

The Top Benefits of Playing Piano as a Child

As parent, I too understand that today’s children have so many different activities that take up their time and it is not easy to decide which fun activity your child should take up next. If you are still undecided if your child should take up playing a musical instrument like the piano, then the following … Continued

How Does Improper Playing Affects Your Piano

Bless my parents and my piano teacher who stuck with me for seven years.  One of my fondest memoies of our first piano is a picture I still have .  It is a picture of me sitting on the piano stool when I was a baby.  The picture shows me grinning from ear to ear and of course … Continued

How To Learn To Play Piano Efficiently

Learning piano is truly a life-long activity, one that can start in childhood and extend for many decades to come.  We feel this is part of the true magic of piano-playing.  You never perfect your playing.  You just keep getting better and better over the years. The hardest part, of course, are the first years when a … Continued

Physical and Intellectual Benefits Of Playing Piano

Whether someone is young or old or anywhere in between, learning piano is a great way to improve both the body and mind! Even though it’s (usually) done sitting down, piano-playing truly is an all-body experience.  It creates high levels of dexterity in both hands, as well as involving both sides of the brain at … Continued

5 New Years Resolutions an Inspiring Piano Player Can Make

The New Year is the time that many people look back at what they have accomplished. For those who are musicians, particularly new piano players tend to look forward to what they still wish to achieve. I personally feel it is a great time for me and everyone else to make a fresh start, to … Continued