Engaging The Body and Brain While Playing Piano

playing piano and health benefitsThe benefits to music education cannot be denied and scientific research and personal testimonials prove this. Learning to play the piano provides children and adults alike the opportunity to develop a skill that will enrich their lives. Having a piano in the home will help flatten the learning curve and allow people to practice and play as frequently as they like. The piano can also strengthen family bonds of those who gather the family to perform for one another.

The health benefits of playing the piano are numerous and include auditory improvement, increased cognitive skills, and improved coordination.

The therapeutic value of listening and playing piano has been highlighted in music therapy studies. This often has a pacifying affect which will reduce stress while also maintaining a level of mental engagement. This is important because it is not just a passive exercise. It is an interactive experience.

There are also proven links to playing the piano and increased cognitive skills. Learning to play the pianoacoustic-digital-piano-buyer3 requires a level of discipline and patience therefore engaging the brain’s analytical and comprehensive abilities. It is also a pursuit which allows one to set goals and realize them. Learning to play a new piece is a notable accomplishment and it is beneficial to experience the feeling of setting a goal and seeing it through to completion. The memorization skills utilized also improves mental retention and retrieval.

A piano player can also exhibit improved coordination. Playing the piano engages the limbs, eyes, ears, and brain boosting motor skills as well as developing hand-eye coordination.

For all these reasons, playing the piano provides great benefits for those who do so. It is a wonderful means of engaging the brain, body, and soul, while providing entertainment to players and listeners alike.

Owning a piano in the home will allow players to practice at their leisure as well as perform whenever they see fit. Take some time to visit your Atlanta keyboards and piano professionals at Cooper Piano to ask questions and determine which instrument will be the right fit for your home.

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