The Top Benefits of Playing Piano as a Child

piano-player-69As parent, I too understand that today’s children have so many different activities that take up their time and it is not easy to decide which fun activity your child should take up next. If you are still undecided if your child should take up playing a musical instrument like the piano, then the following benefits will certainly go a long way to convince you.

Improves Your Child’s Academic Skills

It is a fact that math and music are closely intertwined. If your child can understand rhythm, scales, and beat, he or she will also learn to create functions, recognize patterns, and learn how to divide. Music will help your child’s brain better understand other areas of math as well. As your child gets older, he will learn to recite songs and call on his short-term memory, as well as his long-term memory in the end. When a child learns to play the piano, as well as other musical instruments, he is furthermore introduced to the basics of physics.

Promotes a Child’s Physical Skill

Playing an instrument such as the piano promotes coordination and motor skills in your child, because he needs to use his feet, hands, and arms to play the instrument. A keyboard instrument like the piano demands different simultaneous left and right-handed actions of your child. This not only helps develop a child’s ambidexterity, but it can moreover encourage your child to become more comfortable in what are often naturally uncomfortable positions. When your child’s timing has been perfected and his coordination is enhanced, it prepares him for other hobbies as well, which include sports and dance.

Social Skills are Cultivatedhow-to-play-piano-8

During group classes, your child’s ability to work in a team is encouraged, because peer interaction is required. The children must within the group, work together to create either an accelerando or a crescendo.

Boost the Self-esteem of Your Child

Piano lessons, for example, offer a valuable forum where your child can learn to give and accept criticism. You will be building his self-confidence by turning negative feedback (criticism) into a positive change. Group lessons could help teach your child that not he or his peers are perfect, and that there is always room for improvement. Your child will be able to present himself better in public, which is always important.

Introduce Your Child to New Cultures

Through learning music, your child will be introduced to new cultures and he could learn how certain instruments and music influenced these different cultures. It is essential to introduce a child to different cultures at an early age, mostly because it promotes open-mindedness in regards to traditions and worlds beyond the ones that he knows.

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