Grand Pianos vs. Upright Pianos: What’s the Difference?

Grand Versus Upright Grand pianos and upright pianos are the two basic styles of pianos available to consumers. Both come in different sizes, which affects the instrument’s sound. The larger a piano, the longer its strings and the larger its area of soundboard.  Whereas a grand piano increases in length, upright pianos (also called vertical pianos) increase … Continued

5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Used Piano

Buying a used piano is a great way to test the waters before investing in a new one. In fact,the quality of a well-made used piano that’s been maintained through the years can rival or even surpass a new model! Buying a piano of any type can be overwhelming.. We’ve compiled 5 questions to ask before making … Continued

Pianos For Sale: What To Look For?

I truly believe that pianos are some of the most versatile and amazing musical instruments that one can find in the world. The tune or sound that emanates from a piano can merge amazingly with other musical instruments. Even when I play it on its own, the sound is simply astounding. If you are currently … Continued

Why Are Pianos For Sale Such A Great Buy?

Used pianos for sale are ideal for beginners, people who have a tight budget, and those who want a second unit in their house. Whether it is an upright or a grand piano, you should make a decision based on your musical needs. If you are purchasing a piano for your child who has recently … Continued

What Is So Special About Upright Pianos

Among many piano owners, the common wisdom holds that grand pianos are ideal, and an upright piano is a concession to necessity rather than a preferred choice. This way of thinking neglects the unique virtues of upright pianos that make some music lovers actively seek them out for their homes. When you look at an … Continued

Used Piano And How To Tell Their Age And Condition

Music has always been a big deal around my house.  As a child, my parents purchased a second hand piano and made sure I took lessons.  As my children began to reach school age, they also expressed an interest in learning how to play.  That got me to thinking about buying a good quality used … Continued

Piano For Sale And The Process Of Selection

 A few aspects of electronic items have to be considered before buying them and the same is true when you come across a piano for sale. A piano is such an instrument that stays with us for a long time. Therefore, it is important to consider its quality and features before making a decision of … Continued

Pianos Are Not Created Equal – Inner Rim Components

A piano is not your average instrument – not by a long shot. Unlike most other instruments, it has an extremely wide range which means that music for other instruments can be composed on a piano. This also makes a piano an incredibly effective way to teach music to those learning for the very first … Continued