Pianos Are Not Created Equal, Find One Of Your Very Own

Playing a piano is a skill that many young music oriented kids aspire to once master in their lifestyle. Due to the unique bonding established during the training session and the quest to attaining that dreamt of perfection, I believe that any piano is just not the piano for anyone. There are specific brands and … Continued

Pianos Are Not Created Equal – Inner Rim Components

A piano is not your average instrument – not by a long shot. Unlike most other instruments, it has an extremely wide range which means that music for other instruments can be composed on a piano. This also makes a piano an incredibly effective way to teach music to those learning for the very first … Continued

All Pianos Are Not Created Equal – Inner & Outer Rims

If you’ve ever seen a car commercial, you may have heard a phrase that says something like “To hold your precious cargo.” Generally this type of phrase is used to signify that a car has a high safety rating and is ideal for families. To better illustrate the idea, the term “precious cargo” is accompanied … Continued