Whats New In The Piano Showroom

Piano manufacturers are constantly designing and producing new pianos and keyboards. Every year, I look forward to the very latest designs and features presented on the new models, and most of the time; I am never disappointed with the choices that are available. Let’s have a look at what is new in the piano showroom … Continued

Why Piano Showroom Acoustics Are Important During Purchase

Regardless of what type of piano you are interested in, the primary reason for purchasing a new instrument is for the love of music and the beauty that it can bring to our lives. The sounds that we are able to create from a piano become a magical experience and a precious moment in time… … Continued

All Pianos Are Not Created Equal – Benches

Once you’ve chosen and bought your piano, you probably can’t wait to get home and play your new instrument. But your shopping trip isn’t done yet, you still need to purchase the grand piano bench before you can really start playing. And just as all pianos are not created equal, the same holds true with benches, … Continued

Used Piano Inspection

Buying a piano represents a major capital investment. These are hand-crafted instruments made out of high quality, natural materials including wood, felt, cloth and metal. Pianos require precision tuning and calibration and ongoing care to keep them sounding their best. And so the price tag of a new piano usually reflects this craftsmanship. Not everyone … Continued

Piano Movers Are Special

For children and adults alike, having a piano in their home is a dream come true. When it is time to make that once in a lifetime purchase, many steps and a great deal of time are put into finding the perfect fit. Therefore, owners are often leery when it comes to moving their piano. … Continued

Baldwin Pianos are Americas Favorite

There are many piano manufacturers that produce high quality instruments the world over, but just what is it about Baldwin pianos that makes it an American favorite? It may have something to do with its roots. The Baldwin piano company began its operations in 1890, and produced its first piano, an upright model in 1891. … Continued

Digital Piano Atlanta Choices

I was really surprised by the professional advice that I found at the Cooper Music store when I asked them about the different type of digital pianos in Atlanta that were available. I was not sure of whether I wanted to buy a used or a new one and they offered me some expert advice. … Continued